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Wikileaks bank fraud

There has been rampant fraud in the USA in connection with housing loans. Through derivatives and securitization it spread around the world. Through the bailouts it spread to every single taxpayer and potential payer. By potential payer, I don’t just mean your kids. I mean don’t just mean your grandchildren. I mean your great grandchildren.

If governments do not default the debt or destroy it, together with much of civil society, through inflation then we will be paying for it for generations.

The magnitude of the fraud is apparent from this slide show.

If you prefer videos then William Black on control fraud is hard to beat:

Wikileaks promised to release material on the Bank of America. Its share price fell:

Bank of America Corp. stock fell Tuesday afternoon on speculation that it might be the target of a WikiLeaks document release early next year.

Moves against Assange resulted in a share price rise:

BofA has seen a big rally since the jailing of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as concerns about a possible document dump targeting the bank have eased a bit.

Such movement in a major companies share price. Don’t accept any claims from the establishment or the financial vested interests that they did not know. They did. William Black has been making clear for years, yes years, that there is rampant fraud.

Our capitalist system will not work properly if the law is not enforced. Criminals need to be prosecuted. No matter how well connected they are. No matter how much they have donated to political campaigns. It is about the survival of society as we know it. It’s about stopping the  imposition of a global police state.

Get angry people. Get active. Don’t let them get away with it.

Australia stands with the Tyrants

What would Mill think of silencing Wikipedia and making it a crime to spread the truth?

But I deny the right of the people to exercise such coercion, either by themselves or by their government. The power itself is illegitimate. The best government has no more title to it than the worst. It is as noxious, or more noxious, when exerted in accordance with public opinion, than when in opposition to it. If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind. Source page 18

Seems clear enough. As does the Australian Government view:

THE Gillard government has hardened its position on the WikiLeaks expose, saying it is illegal in Australia to obtain – or distribute – classified documents.

In the wake of the furore that followed Julia Gillard’s claim that the website’s release of thousands of secret US cables was illegal, Attorney-General Robert McClelland sought advice on whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had broken any law. Yesterday, Mr McClelland said obtaining classified information without authority was an offence under Australian law.

“If you look at the fact that this information was held . . . on any description . . . on a secure and highly sensitive and classified database, which was clearly the property of the US, that information has apparently been accessed in an unauthorised manner, and has been provided, again presumably without authorisation, far and wide, then you would have to assume that there is a reasonable case that the act of sourcing the information did involve illegal events,” Mr McClelland said.

First the US, then China, Russia, North Korea everywhere! How on earth can this bunch of nincompoops tie their shoe laces in the morning? Collectively they have the intelligence of a gnat. If any of the Australian press does not come out condemning this Government they do not warrant the name journalist. They do not deserve to be a member of Western civilization. They are betraying their birthright. A birthright their forbears fought and died to gain and protect.

Wikileaks Turkey to avenge Andalusia loss

Wikilealks US cable extract on Turkey:

Widespread belief among adherents of the Turk-Islam synthesis that Turkey’s role is to spread Islam in Europe, “to take back Andalusia and avenge the defeat at the siege of Vienna in 1683” as one participant in a recent meeting at AKP’s main think tank put it. Hat tip UK Commentators

Andalusia is Spain. They want to reverse a loss from back in 1492. Talk about bearing a grudge. Still it’s probably Bush’s fault somehow. Presumably they do not care that they themselves inhabit formally Christian lands. Their capital was once one of the great cities of Christendom. That Spain was Christian before the Muslims conquered it.

Islam in Turkey is not thought to be a force for good.

Islam as it is lived in Turkey is stultified, riddled with hypocrisy, ignorant and intolerant of other religions’ presence in Turkey, and unable to eject those who would politicize it in a radical, anti-Western way. Imams are for the most part poorly educated and all too ready to insinuate anti-Western,anti-Christian or anti-Jewish sentiments into their sermons.Exceptionally few Muslims in Turkey have the courage to challenge conventional Sunni thinking about jihad or, e.g., verses in the Repentance shura of the Koran which have for so long been used to justify violence against “infidels”. Hat tip UK Commentators

Naturally the British Conservative Party can spot a good thing when they see it:

David Cameron has promised to “fight” for Turkey’s membership of the European Union, saying he is “angry” at the slow pace of negotiations.

Some people have been taking a sojourn from history. But they are about to be dragged back kicking and screaming into its long and bloody embrace. Britain will be prepared, with its 19 ships.

Military strength goes hand in hand with economic strength. The Blair-Brown legacy is one of a dejected nation that needs to come to terms with yet another precipitous decline in its standing. A trajectory the US seems intent on following.

The Anglosphere needs to rediscover the traditional values that enabled it to become strong. Political correctness has sapped its strength. The left wing clap trap that clutters minds and distorts conceptual frameworks must be purged.

Restoring sanity to much of the West will take time. Replacing politically correct texts in schools with John Stuart Mill’s On liberty is one place to start. With the “right” on the rise around the world, how many will make such a move? Will they support liberty? Are they only really in it for the money, power and ego? Or don’t they have a clue?