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Battle Swarms

Global Guerrillas has had a series of posts on BattleSwarms and other military technological developments including self-guided bullets. I suppose it will not be long before we see bullets behaving like this.

Global Guerillas author, John Robb, flagged BattleSwarms here in 2004. He is a profound thinker whose ideas I do not come across elsewhere. Robb’s book,
Brave New War: The Next Stage of Terrorism and the End of Globalization is well worth checking out.

Make sure you watch the video of the battle swarm, it sent shivers up my spine and spurred this post.


Malinvestment in China

There are some great pictures of new buildings being demolished in China here. Although the pictures may not represent it, there will be lots of boom time malinvestment to wipe before growth can resume on a sound basis.

Given how much production China is responsible for, I suspect lots of the adjustments will occur there. They will be aware of the implications of this and I expect them to play the currency wars hard.

The currency wars will no doubt turn into trade wars and the trade wars into real wars. Can’t tell who they will be between, but with this many countries going through bad times some will opt for nationalism and war to distract their peoples. I’m hoping to be proved wrong on this.