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The community comes before the individual

“The community comes before the individual” is a noble sentiment. It could come straight from the mouth of any progressive, green or socialist. There are so many morally superior people looking down their noses at selfish individualists. It is a truly humbling experience to be in their company.

Perhaps those best known for putting the community first were the Germans. “The community comes before the individual” roughly translates as Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz”. This saying was minted on the edge of all 3rd Reich silver Reichsmark coins. It perhaps epitomizes the philosophical ideal underlying Nazi society.

The NAZI ideal is alive and well in the heart of our current crop of “progressives”. No doubt they will soon be perfecting civilization through eugenics. But the traditional Western attitude to the sanctity of human life lies in the way. Best undermine that, probably by pushing the “right to die”. The right to die! It’s not a right, it’s a fact. Life is a 100% fatal STD. It is beyond the ability of the state to keep us alive. Ergo the State can’t grant us a right to die. Governments certainly should not be paying “doctors” to kill us.

We all know how governments work the slippery slope. First they introduce traffic police to stop accidents and keep us alive. Next they impose quotas on said police, turning them into oppressive revenue raisers. No doubt we will soon be asking “how many oldies does the Doctor have to kill today”? After all, with universal health care every killing saves money.

Of course it is unfair to compare environmentalists and socialists with NAZI’s. The National Socialists killed six million Jews. Environmentalists killed 8 million Africans. Other socialists killed a 100 million. So on a straight numerical basis it really is an unfair comparison. As for the underlying philosophy, they all put the community above the individual. That spells trouble for you, me and everyone else.

I hate to think what the left will do before getting stigmatized for their obnoxious beliefs. They wear their hearts on their sleeves because they are up to their necks in the blood of the innocent.