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Nations and Cultures Attacked

Globalists seek to eliminate war by eliminating “Tribalism” and “Nationalism”. That is, your Nation as a Nation. Your culture as a culture. They are attacking your country and your culture with the best of intentions. But nature abhors a vacuum. Even if successful, they will fail. But in trying to do so, they will unleash the very horror they are attempting to void.

The goal of perfecting people, and societies caused the great slaughters of the last century. They are likely to do so again in this century. History does not repeat, but it does rhyme. Soros and his globalist brethren are demonstrating that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, thanks in part to reflexivity.

The fundamental philosophical fight today. Those who are “pro-Nation”, whatever their nation may be, and the “Non-Nationals” lead by Soros and his money.

IF you value your nation, be it Russia, China, India, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Germany, Australia, the USA or “wherever”, then do realize you are under attack by NGOs, funded and directed by Soros, who’s main goal it to eliminate “Tribalism” and “Nationalism”, that is, your Nation as a Nation. Your culture as a culture.

His history and track record show this is not a theory, but a report of historical fact.”

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In human affairs the reaction may not be an equal and opposite, but will occur. The globalists are creating a reaction. It’ll be excessive and in the opposite direction.

It appears that George Soros is paving that road to hell with all his might and considerable wealth. He is also demonstrating the truth of his theory of reflexivity:

I can state the core idea in two relatively simple propositions. One is that in situations that have thinking participants, the participants’ view of the world is always partial and distorted. That is the principle of fallibility. The other is that these distorted views can influence the situation to which they relate because false views lead to inappropriate actions. That is the principle of reflexivity”.

A distorted view leading to inappropriate actions. Many will suffer for the globalists sins. A little humility on their part could have saved us all from a lot of bother. Not least the effects of an iron burka descending like a guillotine on Europe. If not stopped, European liberties and cultures may be extinguished, forever. This will not, cannot, happen peacefully.

The tree of liberty will be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants. This will either renew or kill it.

UN to regulate the internet

Gosh, reality is starting to intrude into some peoples ideological prisms:

FCC commissioner: don’t let the Internet fall into the UN’s hands

FCC Commissioner Robert M. McDowell has a WSJ op-ed condemning a treaty proposed at the International Telecommunications Union, the UN agency that oversees global phone systems, which would transfer much of Internet governance to the UN.

Commissioner McDowell correctly asserts that transferring governance to the ITU would be bad for Internet freedom. There are few UN specialized agencies that are more ossified and more prone to being gamed by the world’s totalitarian regimes than the ITU. One UN acquaintance of mine memorably referred to the ITU as the place “where superannuated telco bureaucrats go to die.” And let’s not forget the vital role that ITU designates filled in creating surveillance and censorship regimes established by the failing governments of Tunisia and Egypt (and the similar role they’re likely playing in other regional nations in the midst of popular uprisings.

When a left leaning technological blog like boingboing realizes the UN is not to be trusted to protect our freedom you know real progress is being made.

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)

We have issued our call to arms against The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). Lest you be in any doubt about the need to revoke or refuse this treaty:

Enough, Already: The SOPA Debate Ignores How Much Copyright Protection We Already Have

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), recently signed by the EU, was negotiated with more than thirty-five countries at once. ACTA significantly expands international law on criminal copyright enforcement, from one paragraph to more than ten. It also mandates digital enforcement procedures, now thankfully vague after public pushback against the idea of cutting off user Internet access through “graduated response.” ACTA exports U.S. penalties for circumventing technological protection measures. It requires governments to encourage private arrangements between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and right holders to enforce copyright law. It strengthens the power of border officials. And it requires the establishment of enforcement infrastructure, and enforcement coordination between countries. It fails to include basic balancing measures, such as the usual mention of fair use or limitations and exceptions.

There are substantial problems with how ACTA was negotiated: in secret, without public input, outside of institutions such as the United Nations (UN) or World Trade Organization (WTO). And there are places where ACTA potentially departs significantly from U.S. law, such as in suggesting criminal liability for Internet intermediaries.

The post also outlines key aspects of exiting US copyright protections. The very protections the US is exporting around the word via free trade agreements:

Many features of existing U.S. copyright law are harsh by international standards. The U.S. penalizes the attempt to access digital material against a rights-holder’s wishes, even when the material itself is not protected by copyright. We guarantee large monetary awards against infringers, with no showing of actual harm. We effectively require websites to cooperate with rights-holders to take down material, without requiring proof that it’s infringing in court. And our criminal copyright law has such a low threshold that it criminalizes the behavior of most people online, instead of targeting infringement on a true commercial scale.

Unlike past administrations that chose not to use government resources to protect private companies, this administration has built up the copyright enforcement infrastructure, and publishes a newsletter about its efforts with language that compares copyright infringement to terrorism. Last year, the current Copyright Czar secretly encouraged Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and rights-holders to establish a private agreement to enforce copyrights against Internet users, out of courts. And this administration has deputized the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to seize websites as if the Internet were a physical border, where protections for civil liberties are few.

Yes, it’s bothersome to rights-holders that they can’t just shut down foreign websites or block them. But think of what they already have: no such website can be created in the United States; U.S.-based users of the website can be sued for huge damages; Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will send Internet users warning letters and potentially cut them offline with no due process or government oversight; owners of infringing foreign websites can’t come to the United States or hold assets here, for risk of seizure or arrest; and as evidenced by what’s just happened to Megaupload, American prosecutors will even extradite people from other countries for copyright offenses.

Make no mistake, this is not about enforcing peoples property rights. It’s about stamping all over our traditional freedom of fair use. Its a craven attempt by a powerful vested interest to gauge people. It restricts their freedom of speech and their creativity. it is a backwoods step. It signals just how wrong things have become in the USA.

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The ACTA is designed to ensure this type of thing directly affects you:

Breaking News: Feds Falsely Censor Popular Blog For Over A Year, Deny All Due Process, Hide All Details…

Law enforcement and regulatory bodies overstepping legal bounds, then trying to cover it up. To hell with the victims. I am shocked, absolutely shocked.

The political lackeys of powerful media vested interests are removing our rights and reducing our liberty. They are putting short term profit over  principle. But without principle there can be no property right. Whoever has power simply takes what they want. It is back to a pre-capitalist system. There will of necessity be a retribalization of society. Life will again be uncertain, short and brutish. Nice.

There is more at stake than many realize. We must stand up for our traditional liberties and freedoms. Lest it be death by a thousand cuts. Let’s avoid this.

Graphic on the top of this post is from Somebody Think of the Children.