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Turnbull on Climate Sceptics

Malcolm Turnbull mimics the Vatican’s persecution of Galileo in claiming climate skeptics are akin to people who deny smoking causes cancer. Although coming from Malcolm it is of cause a weak pale imitation of the original. Weak and pale being so apt when thinking of Malcolm “Mercury” Turnbull.

The “Mercury” honorific recognizes Malcolm’s central role in forcing us to have weak, pale light in our homes at night. This being the light given off by the noxious inferior mercury infused light bulbs we have to use instead of our traditional incandescent ones. Yes our Government concerns itself with how we illuminate our bedrooms and books.

Being a former head of Goldman Sachs in Australia he will no doubt be aware of the money flowing to vested interests once the planned carbon trading system is up and running. Gosh those traders must be salivating at the prospect. Every time you do something they will get their cut.

Mercury Malcolm should broaden his mind and regularly read the like of this and this. At the moment he does a very good impersonation of a smug narrow minded ideological bigot. I suspect it comes naturally to him.

No doubt he is celebrating the passage of the legislation imposing a carbon tax on Australia. Just what we need as the world lurches toward a probable depression.