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German call to let non citizen residents vote

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German Greens and SPD members support giving the vote to migrants residents who are not citizens. Supports of other parties are not so keen “Many supporters of the CDU (65.3 per cent), the FDP (65) and the AfD (96.9)” Apparently:

“The Commission of Experts had proposed the amendment of the electoral law when it prepared the “Mission Statement for the Immigration Society”.

I think the USA is on a trajectory toward civil war. If this change went ahead, my money would be on Germany getting there first. The left will destroy anything and everything in their utopian pursuit of a borderless world. They are crazy.

Germany’s increasing Jihadi attacks

Did Berlin jihadi previously kill 16 year old German boy and terrify his 15 year old girlfriend?

“Islamic State claimed responsibility for the October 16 knife attack which claimed the life of a 16-year-old called Victor E.

Murder squad detectives are probing the similarities between Amri and the photofit picture issued following the murder of 16-year-old Victor E.

ISIS news agency Amaq stated: ‘A soldier of the Islamic State stabbed two individuals in Hamburg on the 16th of this month. He carried out the operation in response to calls to target the citizens of coalition countries.’

Victor’s girlfriend, aged 15, was with him at the time and not stabbed but pushed into the waters of the Outer Alster Lake.

When she made it to dry land she called the emergency services but her boyfriend died shortly afterwards in hospital. She is currently under psychiatric care.

If the group was responsible it would be its first lethal attack on German soil. An Afghan refugee who pledged allegiance to Isis attacked people with an axe on a train in July and was killed by police but his victims survived.

And an Isis suicide bomber a week later killed himself with a DIY bomb outside a cafe in Ansbach, injuring 19 people with no fatalities.”

What hath Angela Merkel wrought?