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Aussies love freedom most

Let potential despots and tyrants beware. Australians still cleave to their cultural heritage:

Aussies love one thing more than beer – freedom

WE love our beer, we love our beaches and we love our barbecues.

But, like the swaggie who sprang into the billabong back in 1895, we love our freedom most of all….

But freedom topped the list – and there was daylight between that and the second most popular response, beer.

Remember this next time your political servants or their party hacks try to tell you what to do. Think about it as they try to make entire classes of conversation verboten. They do not have the numbers on their side. Despite their assaults on our history and culture they have not destroyed the essential freedom loving aspect of our character. Something Australians and Americans inherited from their British forebears.

Our love of freedom has survived decades of left wing propaganda and heckling from the media elite. It’s little wonder the left are so keen on replacing the “people” with one more compliant to their tyrannical disposition. Something else Australians share with British and Americans. Without multiculturalism it could not work. In assimilating migrants come to share our love of liberty. But this is not necessarily so with multiculturalism.  At the least we potentially re-tribalise our societies.  Something a glance at the history books suggests is best avoided.

The poll sends a message to the elite media, legislative and political classes. Stop stealing our freedoms. Our culture is ours. It is not yours to despoil. You do not have the right to sacrifice our way of life on the alter of political correctness.

As for the rest of us, live your love. Speak truth. But you don’t need me to tell you that.

Public Health

Fresh food, sewerage and an understanding of elementary hygiene have led to longer and healthier lives. This is public health in action. This is good. But this source of good is in danger of being corrupted. Instead of increasing the sum of human happiness, public health activists are in danger of decreasing it. They are trying to do good, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Public health activists in their zeal to do good have crossed the boundary between public and private health. Between helping and hurting people. The public and private spheres both impact upon the individual. Public spheres are those that the individual can not really influence. Private are those they can. This difference is fundamental.

Both spheres act upon the probability of getting sick. But one is primarily under the control of the individual and the other is not. In one the individual is able to accept or reject the risk payoffs in the other they are not. Public health officials are right to campaign against one and wrong to campaign against the other.

We accept the increased risk of drowning when we go swimming, of a heart attack as we enjoy the “good” life, having a traffic accident as we drive our car, of a sporting injury or even injuring our back as we make love. We willingly accept the risks that come with the pleasures that make life worth living. It is not public health to stop us from enjoying these activities. It is a gross violation of our rights.

We could probably extend our life if we ate raw oats and Brussel Sprouts for breakfast. We choose not to. Just because it is in the name of public health, it does not make it good.

In Australia it is illegal to ride without a helmet – be it on a horse, bicycle or motorbike. It is also compulsory for occupants of a car to wear seat belts – both in the front and back seats. Childproof fences have also been made compulsory around swimming pools. Medicines come in childproof containers and cigarette lighters have childproof locks. These are now accepted. They are not controversial. You are a crank if you question their wisdom.

They were all introduced in the last twenty years amid some debate. They were all perceived to infringe freedom. But the freedom was impinged for the good cause of public health. Those who objected on each issue were not sufficiently numerous. The do gooder could ignore their objections and impose restrictions on their behavior – for their own good.

This obviously begs the question of what will the Nanny State impose upon us next? It could be padding when walking on the pavement. People regularly fall and injure themselves. It could be carrying lightning conductors, not being allowed to eat chocolate or meat. It could be anything. They appear preposterous, but they will be implemented for our own good. One iota at a time our freedom will be taken away in the name of our own good. It is like the Afrikaner justifying apartheid because the “blacks can’t look after themselves”

Public health is no longer about helping people to live long and fruitful lives. It is about telling them what to do. It is the ultimate example of the Nanny State. Nanny knows best. Do what nanny says and you will live a long and healthy life. You will be bored. Life will be spent perpetually concerned about your health, for not all the public health in the world will stop you from dying.