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Bright bomber

Another bright bomber, watch this video of the fleeing arsonist running into a lamppost. Hat tip UK Commentators.

He must be up there with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab a.k.a. the underpants bomber who succeeded in singing his privates.

Don’t know his motivation. He may not have been bombing people for religious reasons.

Vote to deport foreign criminals

Switzerland has approved a plan to automatically deport foreigners convicted of serious crimes.

We have in Switzerland two kinds of foreigners,” explained Patrick Freudiger of the Swiss People’s Party, “the foreigners who want to work and respect our laws, these foreigners are welcome. Then we have other foreigners who commit crimes, who don’t want to work, they should go.”


This was probably driven by the disproportionate proportion of foreigners committing cimes and in prison. It would be interesting to see how reflective this is of other immigrant to the West. Or if there are cultures that less compatible or more likely to cause harm to innocent civilians. But I suspect that in many countries the left are way ahead of us on this. They will have banned the collection of statistics that would enable this type of finding:

In Swiss prisons, around 70 percent of the inmates are foreign nationals, while just 23 percent of Switzerland’s overall population is foreign.


No wonder the Swiss referendum passed. No wonder the left manipulate and stop the collection of statistics. These people follow the same ideology that resulted in the airbrushing of people out of photographs and out of history.  Not to mention rubbing them out. The left would rather the working class were robbed, raped and murdered than question the internationalist component of their ideology.

Switzerland previously banned the construction of minarets on its mosques. Other countries are considering banning the burka. Turkey previously banned the Fez. The fez has no peak and consequently allows the wearer to press their head against the ground, as required of Muslims when praying. Banned, with no ongoing protest! It is as if the state has a right to dictate dress.

But it is only when Western countries try and ensure the continuation of their culture that there is a problem.

Justice Left Behind

Hard to believe.  But looks legit. The mind boggles.

Hat tip to Global Guerrillas.

On reflection, the sentencing is a perfect illustration of how the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Judges tend to live in affluent, safe neighborhoods. They tend to come from privileged backgrounds. They feel sorry for the great unwashed who had a tougher upbringing than them. Rather than apply the law, they inject their conscience, their values into sentencing. These do not necessarily reflect those of the community, the intent of the legislature or past precedent. Activist judges believe they are making the system fairer by acting in accordance with their conscience. It’s a progressive thing. It accords with a post modern perspective. It is undoubtedly of the left.

Activist judges reject precedent and impose their values when sentencing. This in turn sets precedents other leftwing judges can draw on when sentencing. It also sets precedent that conservative judges feel obliged to follow. Bleeding heart judges feel good about themselves when imposing lenient sentences or giving criminals another chance. They do not see the hidden costs of their selfish approach to sentencing. Costs such as:

  • Innocent people being harmed or forced to live in fear because criminals who should be incarcerated are preying on them or their neighbors.
  • People sentenced to inappropriately long sentences due to mandatory minimum sentences or three strikes and you are out laws.

Soft sentences cause people to lose faith in the system. Some may take the law into their own hands. Others demand the legislature act to ensure appropriate sentences. There are only so many things the legislature can do. None of them is cost free. Mandatory minimum sentences and three strike laws are ways the legislature addresses the problem. Activist judges injecting their values into sentences are the direct cause of mandatory minimum sentences or three strikes and you are out laws. These measures remove the ability of judges to impose overly lenient sentences or to impose appropriately lenient sentences.

Make no mistake. The progressive left and activist judges are directly responsible for the injustice that arises from mandatory minimum sentences and three strikes and you are out laws. Every instance should be one more nail in the progressive left coffin. It matters not how good or selfish their intentions are.