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Understanding reality

Our food, fuel and power bills shoot up while our incomes stagnate. I’m shocked. Who’d have thought that low interest rates would hurt self-funded retirees and other savers? That flooding the system with cheap money would push up the price of things money can buy, like food and other commodities? That these rising prices would feed into the price of other goods, undermining workers incomes. Not to mention the effects of ever increasing government debt. Debts governments will never pay back with coin of equal value. This undermines the currency, increasing import prices and further impoverishing workers, retirees and other savers.

The government intervention is not a win-win. Its a lose, lose and lose again for the people. But at least some are doing well. No, I’m not referring to the politicians, who at least in Australia feel our pain. Or perhaps not: “Politicians get a Christmas cracker of a pay rise“. This pay rise will greatly increase the pensions of those longer standing MP’s likely to lose their seats in the next election. Would that the rest of us were so lucky. But of course that would bankrupt the nation, as the Greeks and other Europeans are finding out.

I’m referring to fat cat bureaucrats rather than politicians. There’s a whole new class of them and they sure can earn. At least that’s my take on this:

Dunchead of, “RBS boss Stephen Hester has accepted his bonus of £963,000 on top of his annual salary of £1.2 million. RBS is 80% owned by the UK taxpayer. This image represents his annual income as 2.2 million pixels, comparing it in ‘income parade’ style with other taxpayer-employed workers.”

RBS boss Stephen Hester’s annual salary and bonus represented in pixels (Thanks, Dunchead!)

Source: Boing Boing

The graphic highlights just how wrong the Western world has been in its response to the Global Financial Crisis. Incompetent managers turned into highly paid public servants. That will work out well. It’s bad enough that the shareholders saw their money destroyed. This is rubbing shareholders faces in it by taking their money as taxes and giving it to those responsible for their losses. The old shareholders can’t even punish the likes of Hester by sacking him and his board. The government now owns most of the shares. I mean seriously, how wrong is this?

The government could not even regulate the banks to prevent their generating bubbles. I’ve heard of people not seeing something right in front of their faces. But not when it was also being vocalized by their very own lips?

Records: Federal Reserve Officials Foresaw, Joked About Housing Bubble in 2006

These minutes show us the extent of their misunderstanding of the health of the economy. They show us how badly they misunderstood the way that the economy was working, how badly they misunderestimated the impact of the housing crash.

And it shows, you know, a group of very intelligent, very thoughtful people, you know, talking about the economic situation in the country in a considered way, evaluating what might happen, and having a discussion that, it turns out in retrospect, was far removed from the reality of the actual situation.

The report is gob smacking. It also mentions other familiar figures:

The old chairman, Alan Greenspan, presides over the first meeting of the year. Now Secretary Tim Geithner, then the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, says into the record: “I would like the record to show that I think you’re pretty terrific, too. And thinking in terms of probability, I think the risk that we decide in the future that you have been even better than we think is higher than the alternative.”

Geithner has always stuck me as the sort of sniveling little toad who would have sucked up to a Flashman at school. I may be quite wrong with that assessment, but he sure seems to have a brown nose in the above quote. No wonder the powerful like and promote him. After all, what’s competence got to do with success in today’s post-capitalist America? And given the salary of the the British state employed bankers, in the UK as well? Actually, given the competence of Australia’s current crop of politicians and their recent pay rise….. oh well you get point. But if we reward and empower the incompetent we will all be the poorer for it.

Of course one should not pick on Geithner alone. The report goes on to state:

Kevin Warsh, a Federal Reserve governor, says in September 2006: “I would say that the capital markets are probably more profitable and more robust at this moment than they have perhaps ever been.”

Great call Kevin. Seriously, this goes to show how important your fundamental understanding of reality is. We all view the world through the prism of our consciousness. We understand things through our conceptual framework. It matters little how intelligent, well educated and informed you are. If the prism through which you view the world is fundamentally flawed, you will be wrong. Repeatedly wrong, often spectacularly so. Only through luck, co-incidence and a lack of clarity will you be right. Not that anyone necessarily has a true grasp of reality. But it is realitive understanding that counts. Your understanding of reality, or at least of key aspects of it, has to better approximate reality than that of others. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Although sycophancy, corruption and sociopathic tendencies may enable some to go far. Make no mistake, people can be successful with fundamentally flawed perspectives, it’s the rest of us that suffer.

Sadly the left wing takeover of education means that far too many of what should be our best and brightest have a very flawed understanding of reality. This flaw is the reason why the British, Australian and US governments appear to be so incompetent. They really do not have a clue how the world works. Their lack of understanding extends to their own self-awareness. They are fundamentally incapable of knowing how little they know. Naturally they lean to centralist State directed “growth”, rather accepting the limits to their knowledge and capacity and letting people make decisions for themselves. They are doomed to be forever surprised by unforeseen negative consequences.

On unexpected consequences, what does the following chart on donation by the finance, insurance and real estate sectors (FIRE) suggest? Particularly given the reliance of the finance sector on public bailouts:

“An analysis of campaign contribution records by the Sunlight Foundation reveals that the number of donors in the FIRE sector giving at least $10,000 (in 2010 dollars) per election cycle to political candidates, parties and independent expenditure groups increased from 1,091 in 1990 to 5,510 in 2010 (a 405% increase). Combined contributions of these elite donors increased even more dramatically, growing by $162.8 million (a 700% increase, controlling for inflation). This project builds on the Political 1% of the 1% that was featured on Boing Boing in December.”

On FIRE: How the Finance, Insurance and Real Estate Sector Drove the Growth of the Political One Percent of the One Percent (Thanks, Nicko!)

Source: Boing Boing

Got to love the finance sector. They might have bought the establishment politicians. But they can’t buy the people, at least not for long. Either our current crop of leaders restore integrity to our systems or they will be replaced. In replacing either our leaders or our system we must not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

There have and always will be greedy psychotic individuals. Our recent variant of capitalism channeled peoples baser motives to further the public good. They did this by enshrining voluntary exchange in a relatively free market as the the primary mechanism for accruing riches. This was achieved within a Judeo Christian cultural framework. Our culture, morality and laws were central to the workings of our economy. The “progressive” left undermined these foundations. In doing so they have helped unleash economic tyranny across the free world. Their flawed conceptual frameworks makes them incapable of seeing what they have done. Their solutions will create more problems. Their solutions to the problems created by their previous solutions will unleash yet more problems. This will continue until the whole system collapses.

A collapse of the system will not and cannot be pleasant. The current crop of Western empowered vested interests will be every bit as determined to hold onto power as those in China. People are people. Power hungry narcissists  are power hungry narcissists the word over. There will always be some of them in positions of power. This should to be part of our understanding of reality. We can not change it. But we can minimize the extent to which it manifests itself in ways that harm us. We can channel it for good rather than ill.  We owe it to our descendents to do so. If that means restoring some of the freedoms handed down to us by our forebears, then so be it. Freedom of expression is fairly central, even is it upsets someones feelings. What vested interests are trying to do in the  name of copyright and sensitivity is outrageous. But this is a subject for another post.

Racism and Sexism are OK

Racism and Sexism are great. Yep. The British Conservative Government is legislating to allow racism and sexism when deciding who to hire. They are happy for people to discriminate against women, at least as long as they are white women. Men can be put to the bottom of the pile. Although if you are a black male you will rank above white men, I am not sure how white women rank compared to black men.

The Conservative Party has truly lost any concept of the traditional values it should be conserving. The left have utterly corrupted the conceptual framework through which it views the world. They must be mad. Absolutely stark raving mad, the UK is up against it. Its North Sea oil is running out. Its earnings from invisibles is increasingly suspect. Its government debt is growing and thanks to its bailouts is not all denominated in British pounds. Financial vested interests have led the develop world to the brink of bankruptcy:

Essentially the last round of government interventions achieved nothing except more time. This was bought at the cost of a considerable increasing of public debt as they bailed out private debt holders. The decline in sovereign balance sheets limits their ability to meet any future expected event.

They also gave the appearance which may reflect the reality of being captured by vested interests related to their financial system. It is hard to see how their behavior differed to that of a kleptocracy.

The financial sector will be curtailed once the defaults start in earnest and the people realize just how much they have lost. This will hurt Britain more than most. They need to promote their best people to earn enough money to pay for imports of food and fuel.

But Britain will enable people to get jobs and be promoted on the grounds of sex and race rather than pure ability. That’ll work out well. The USA has been doing this for years and the full extent of its negative effect are only becoming apparent now. No country has a right to be wealthy. It has to be earned. Bright people in positions of authority help this to happen, race and gender are irrelevant. Perverting promotions to satisfy those who see the world through a racist and sexist prism will not help. It will hinder. It also shows just how much the Left has undermined the Right. They no longer even know what is right:

Cultural intangibles: The left have undermined the rule of law, prices, markets, trust, property rights and even truth. The left are undermining what made the West a success. They are doing this deliberately and are totally ignorant of the consequences. They have forgotten what life is like for all peoples everywhere until capitalism arose in the West. Their politically correct value system is opposed by the people and will impoverish any society that adopts them.

Apartheid was overthrown in South Africa. The UK racist discrimination against whites is ethically on a par with Afrikaner discrimination against blacks. Racism is racism. As for favoring women, lets see how that goes down with the British Sharia Courts.

Not that the conservatives are opposed to the growth of Sharia law. Oh no. Being opposed to the application of Sharia law in the UK would require good judgment and the ability to discriminate between right and wrong. The left have made judgment and discrimination into dirty words. And the right has swallowed so much of the lefts conceptual framework they no longer know right from wrong:

Thus a mob calling for the beheading of all unbelievers is not threatening the peace. A mob calling for your country to be dissolved into a global caliphate is not threatening the peace. A mob calling for your daughters and grand daughters to be made to wear the veil is not threatening the peace. A mob calling for the killing of homosexuals and heterosexuals who have sex outside marriage is not threatening the peace.  But someone publicly objecting to any of the above is totally beyond the pale, is a threat to the peace and must be arrested. Indeed, they must be a racist.

Shame on them, Conservative should be ashamed for going along with this. Openly discriminating against the bulk of your population ought to be the path to electoral oblivion. If Conservatives can’t put their own house in order then it is time the house was demolished and replaced with one built on firmer foundations. I am referring to the Party, not the Country.

The USA has been discriminating against people of no colour for years. They got away with it in part because the economy was growing or appeared to be growing. It is one thing to distort the distribution of a growing pie. It is another to do that to a static or shrinking pie. I think official racist and sexist discrimination will not survive the downturn in the USA or UK. Already men in the US are being hit particularly hard. The same may well prove to be true in the UK. By hit, I mean losing jobs. Not the enforcement of officially sanctioned Sharia punishments.

The vast majority of people will not accept officially enabled discrimination against them in tough times. The perpetrators and enablers of this assault against their liberty will be thrown out of office. They deserve worse as traitors to the conservative cause.

The right needs to get back in touch with the core beliefs of their societies. The same beliefs which enabled those societies to become great in the first place, the UK, USA and the rest of Albion’s cultural seed were founded on the rights of Englishmen to Liberty. Not to be discriminated against because of their colour, because some bureaucrat wants to put race and gender before efficiency.

Perverted perspectives

The left have corrupted the conceptual framework through which the right views the world. Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard unleashed the SAS to turn back piratical invaders:

“A delegation of five men came up to the bridge. They behaved aggressively and told us to go to Australia”

Howard won the ensuing election by a landslide faught in part on stopping illegal immigration. Since then the major parties have gone to the people promising to be tough on illegal immigrants. Even the Labor Party pretended it would be tough. But now the bipartisan need to appear tough has been broken. The Liberal Party will allow human traffickers to determine our immigration level and composition. I kid you not. The number of Afghan refugees will be decided by the people traffickers:

“AFGHAN asylum seekers who arrive illegally by boat would be returned overseas while more refugees in international camps would be accepted, under a new trade-off proposed by the Coalition.”

What part of being Minister for a sovereign nation does he not understand? But it gets worse. We will replace anyone who can credibly claim to have got a boat here and be from Afghanistan with someone from an Afghan camp. Hello. Like they never lie or fake that sort of stuff. How long before they game the system, by say swamping Australia with “refugees” claiming to be from Afghanistan? That way they can increase the baksheesh from people in camps paying to get to Australia. Nice one. Outsourcing the granting of access to our country and ultimately to citizenship to criminal human trafficking people smugglers. Great, what genius thought of that?

Don’t even suggest the UN is incorruptible. This is the body whose soldiers rape children. Live in the real world.  And don’t stuff our wonderful country. Not all cultures are compatible. We have no desire to live with those culturally predisposed to sex with children and stoning. Who would want to inflict that on anyone?

In Australia it’s Scott Morrison, a man with a track record of success. He was President of the State Liberal Party from 2000 – 2004. There was an election in 2003 and his party won less than half the number of seats of the Labor Party. This led to his political appointment to a $350,000 pa taxpayer funded job as MD of Tourism Australia. He did not last long in that role. His tenure saw the launch of a memorable campaign:

“The campaign received massive press coverage, but it was soon deemed a failure and withdrawn.”

They say you learn more from your failures than successes. Scott must be a truly learned man. In recognition of his learning Scott was pre-selected as a candidate for the Liberal Party. Talk about falling upward. On the bright side he might initiate an Australian tea party type reaction to his policies. Somewhat similar to that created by Malcolm Turnbull when he tried to bully the Party into supporting carbon trading.

I guess it is quite an achievement to take an issue that could help the Coalition romp home in the next election and neutralize it. If not actually turn it into a negative. Hopefully Abbot will stomp on this stupidity well before the election. Outsourcing immigration to the people smugglers is more of a leap than a step too far.

Why can’t the right wake up and reject the internationalist perspective of the left? Yes the National Socialists were beaten by the International Socialists in their ideological civil war.  But this is no reason for the conservative parties to adopt the Left’s detestation of the very concept of national sovereignty. Truly the Left has corrupted the prism through which the right views the world. Scott Morrison is right up there with Honorable Michael Grove in the last linked post. At least the Republicans seem to be holding firm on the issue of an amnesty.