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Global coldening

An interesting post on WUWT suggesting sea levels may have fallen in 2010:

Sea level may drop in 2010: Based on the most current data it appears that 2010 is going to show the largest drop in global sea level ever recorded in the modern era. Since many followers of global warming believe that the rate of sea level rise is increasing, a significant drop in the global sea level highlights serious flaws in the IPCC projections. The oceans are truly the best indicator of climate. The oceans drive the world’s weather patterns. A drop in the ocean levels in a year that is being cited as proof that the global warming has arrived shows that there is still much to learned. If the ocean levels dropped in 2010, then there is something very wrong with the IPCC projections….

One fact is certain. A drop in sea level for 2 of the past 5 years is a strong indicator that a changing sea level is not a great concern. In order for the IPCC prediction to be correct of a 1m increase in sea level by 2100, the rate must be almost 11 mm/yr every year for the next 89 years. Since the rate is dropping, it makes the prediction increasingly unlikely. Not even once in the past 20 years has that rate ever been achieved. The average rate of 2.7 mm/yr is only 25% of the rate needed for the IPCC prediction to be correct.

This is yet another serious blow the accuracy of the official IPCC predictions for the coming century. The fact that CO2 levels have been higher in the last 5 years that have the lowest rate of rise than the years with lower CO2 levels is a strong indicator that the claims of CO2 are grossly exaggerated.

Hat tip Bishop Hill

I suspect the IPCC will prove no better at predicting our climate future than NASA’s James Hanson:

James Hansen 1986: Within 15 Years Temps Will be Hotter Than Past 100,000 Years: 25 metre rises in sea level, tropical temperatures in England, and widespread crop failures are only some of the predictions from Dr James Hansen. Here’s a selection of his predictions from the archives…

Follow the link for more silly predictions from one of the World’s leading climate alarmists.

Hanson obviously is not competent at his job of modeling climate, but this does not stop him judging you:

Hansen: US Democracy Not Competent To Deal With Global Warming, Calls on Communist China to “Save Humanity”: In a follow-up article published on his website Hansen calls Americans “barbarians” and slams American democracy, calling for China to raise tariffs on American-made products until such time as America falls into line.

Hat tip Bishop Hill

Hanson is no doubt leading a comfortable and prestigious life on your tax dollars.

I am not so sure how receptive the Chinese leadership will be to the likes of Hanson, given the Big freeze in Guizhou. Evacuating 58,000 people due to ice and snow in a subtropical region sounds like coldening not warming.

Perhaps similar evacuations explain:

Not likely, but the videos are great.

Much of the climate alarmist hype no doubt results from corruption and declining standards combining with some of our cognitive failings.

China hijacked the internet

For 18 minutes in April, China’s state-controlled telecommunications company hijacked 15 percent of the world’s Internet traffic, including data from U.S. military, civilian organizations and those of other U.S. allies.

It gets my attention. And guess what – I know how they did it. And I know how it can be done again.

Hat tip The Tickerguy.

Apparently Cyber experts have proof of the hijack. China seems to be getting more proficient at  hacking the internet.

Concerns about Chinese espionage were raised during the Australian National Broadband Network tendering process in Australia. No doubt much to the anoyance of the now former Minister for Defence.

Not that China is alone in this type of activity.

Malinvestment in China

There are some great pictures of new buildings being demolished in China here. Although the pictures may not represent it, there will be lots of boom time malinvestment to wipe before growth can resume on a sound basis.

Given how much production China is responsible for, I suspect lots of the adjustments will occur there. They will be aware of the implications of this and I expect them to play the currency wars hard.

The currency wars will no doubt turn into trade wars and the trade wars into real wars. Can’t tell who they will be between, but with this many countries going through bad times some will opt for nationalism and war to distract their peoples. I’m hoping to be proved wrong on this.