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Chinese poet on trial after using Skype

Role on the Asian century:

Chinese dissident on trial after using Skype to send poem

Prosecutors charged Zhu Yufu with subversion, citing his poem, It’s Time, as well as text messages sent using Skype… Chinese prosecutors cited a poem and messages sent on Skype in the trial of a dissident, his son and his lawyer said, in the latest case highlighting the Communist party’s drive to silence political challengers.

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Meanwhile in enlightened Australia they are introducing “quiet” carriages on trains. Initially it is to be enforced by signs and other passengers. Later it will not doubt be enforced more forcefully. Perhaps if it is political talk then they can be charged with sedition, as well as speaking. It is such a sad sign of how damaging political correctness is.

Not that long ago good manners were taught. Along with offering seats to pregnant ladies, people on trains did not shout down the phone or blast out music. But political correctness put paid to that. Got to overthrow societies norms so we can create a more just, equitable, insert your choice of adjective, society. Of course we end up with something less pleasant to live in. Manners don”t just maketh the man. Cumulatively they maketh the society. But the goal was so noble. Now they are trying to recreate customary good manners. Can they put Humpty dumpty back together again? If not then it will be the strong arm of the law. People will be prosecuted for speaking or the rule of law will be further undermined. Nice.

The picture heading this post speaks volumes about free speech in the European Union:

Finnish politician charged with inciting racial hatred

“This trial is absurd and preposterous. I voiced my personal opinions during the election debate, and I was not inciting hate against any specific group. You can’t be judged on your opinions,” told Mäenpää to YLE ahead of the hearing on Tuesday.

Politicians saying what they think. We can’t have that. I mean, whatever next?



  • French exposure in pictures. An FT Alphaville post showing why European sovereign defaults my come in clusters. It’s an interconnected world out there and this in part explains why French spreads at 21-year high.
  • Rising prices cutesy of increasing Chinese wages. Increasing wages in the workshop of the world could feed through to increased prices in the developed world. Together with any decrease in the value of Western currencies, this could signal the next stage in the global reset. A world in which the currently developed countries do not enjoy living standards vastly in excess of all others. Essentially real wage differentials revert to the mean, one in which citizens of civilised countries earn similar sums. The speed of change in Shanghai show how fast this can occur.
  • Brilliant graphic showing the odds of your existence. I am sure this shows up something fundamental about reality. As perhaps does the Ponzo illusion in its demonstration of how our mental heuristics can lead us astray. Our cognitive failings probably explains why so much of our world today is built on ponzi schemes, in Hyman Minsky‘s Financial Instability sense of the word.
  • I suspect Bank of America rakes in big debit-card fees from people withdrawing unemployment benefits is another government contracting fail. The beauty of capitalism is that it enables man’s inherent nature, including greed and the lust for power, to work for the good of all.  Government monopoly granting undermines this.
Military exercise or Top Gun movie footage?

I’ve updated the post on chagning balance of power to mention that  China might have passed off footage from Top Gun as part of a military exercise (hat tip Market Ticker):

Did China Try To Pass Off Top Gun As Air Force Footage?

A few days ago, China Central Television showed footage of what they claimed was an air force training exercise conducted on January 23. From the looks of things, they were actually just playing clips from Top Gun.

The clips in question were reportedly aired during the News Broadcast program on China Central Television, the major state television broadcast company. They supposedly showed a J-10 fighter firing a missile at another aircraft during a practice exercise.

But an internet commenter quickly pointed out that the aircraft the J-10 was shown shooting down was an F-5, an American aircraft, and the very one Tom Cruise guns down in a scene from Top Gun. Comparing frames from the CCTV broadcast (left) and Top Gun (right), well, they’re lookin’ pretty much identical.

As the linked report says:

There’s no word yet on whether or not the Chinese fighter pilots engaged in any beach volleyball after the exercises. [MiniTofu via Geekosystem]