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Selected stupidities

Some things beggar belief:

Indiana Assemblyman withdraws urine-testing for welfare bill when colleague adds urine-testing for Assemblyman amendment

“After [the amendment] passed, Rep. McMillin got pretty upset and pulled his bill,” Dvorak said. “If anything, I think it points out some of the hypocrisy. … If we’re going to impose standards on drug testing, then it should apply to everybody who receives government money.”

Politicians and political staffers all too often forget they are just as much the beneficiaries of state largess  as any corporate or individual welfare recipient.

Just to show politicians don’t have a monopoly on stupid:

Judge: to ask for anonymity in porno copyright troll case, you must enter your name into the public record

Hard Drive Productions is a pornographer that has switched business models, shifting its focus from making dirty movies to making sleazy lawsuits. It collected IP addresses of people who were supposedly downloading its movies over BitTorrent, then sent their ISPS legal demands to reveal their names. The next step would be demanding cash settlements from the named persons, threatening to name them in embarrassing lawsuits if they didn’t pay up. Many of the victims of the sloppy data-gathering methodology have protested their innocence, but would like to remain anonymous in the court record, rather than having their names associated in a public document about pornography consumption.

On the subject of stupid, there was much cheering in the politically correct media when Pat O’Shane was appointed to the bench. An aborigine and female to boot. Talk about ticking the right boxes. Trust the racist and sexist right to question her qualifications for the position. Now we get:

Majority of appeals against O’Shane decisions upheld

SENIOR judges have been criticising the magistrate Pat O’Shane for more than a decade, upholding 88 per cent of Supreme Court appeals against her judgments in criminal matters and ordering half of them to be reheard by other magistrates.

We need more of this type of research. Hopefully the academics will not be prosecuted for bringing the law into disrepute. Well someone has to protect our politically appointed bench from public scorn oops, scrutiny.

But let us not forget these wonderful example of Nordic enlightenment:

Strange and intrusive bathroom rules at Norwegian companies

Enough said..




  • French exposure in pictures. An FT Alphaville post showing why European sovereign defaults my come in clusters. It’s an interconnected world out there and this in part explains why French spreads at 21-year high.
  • Rising prices cutesy of increasing Chinese wages. Increasing wages in the workshop of the world could feed through to increased prices in the developed world. Together with any decrease in the value of Western currencies, this could signal the next stage in the global reset. A world in which the currently developed countries do not enjoy living standards vastly in excess of all others. Essentially real wage differentials revert to the mean, one in which citizens of civilised countries earn similar sums. The speed of change in Shanghai show how fast this can occur.
  • Brilliant graphic showing the odds of your existence. I am sure this shows up something fundamental about reality. As perhaps does the Ponzo illusion in its demonstration of how our mental heuristics can lead us astray. Our cognitive failings probably explains why so much of our world today is built on ponzi schemes, in Hyman Minsky‘s Financial Instability sense of the word.
  • I suspect Bank of America rakes in big debit-card fees from people withdrawing unemployment benefits is another government contracting fail. The beauty of capitalism is that it enables man’s inherent nature, including greed and the lust for power, to work for the good of all.  Government monopoly granting undermines this.
Right again

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In view of the post on declining reinsurance rates this report should not have been a surprise:

High cost of global disasters as Mother Nature goes berserk