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Hypocritical Hollywood


Hollywood celebrities flew eyebrow artist 7,500 miles to do their brows for the Oscars”. One of them was Leonardo DiCaprio. I guess “the greatest challenge of our existence on this planet” is not very important compared to how his eyebrows look.

It’s as if they do not take the threat seriously. What with all their wasteful co2 emitting consumerism. Not to mention all their ocean front real estate.

A bunch of hypocritical virtual signalling “know it all’s”.

Remember this next time they prattle on about carbon dioxide emissions.

Global Warming Scam


Incentives create a type of behavior. If you want to achieve something which requires influencing public opinion then you create think tanks, grass root’s organizations, facts & figures. You stigmatize, engage in lawfare and personalize attacks. You seek to reward those espousing the cause and cause harm to those who stand against it. This of course includes spreading lies and disinformation. It’s a standard modus operandi which cuts across subject areas. This is why you have to be skeptical when examining data and theories of the world.  Data and theories of the world are the building blocks of your cognitive frameworks and mental models. These in turn shape your understanding and actions.

Given how our brains are wired, you have to be doubly skeptical about something that confirms your prejudices. It drops your defenses. Similarly you have to review and follow the thoughts of those you disagree with. You have to in order to mitigate the tendency to discount evidence that contradicts your beliefs and to test your assumptions.

The linked videos are by some of the biggies on the skeptical side of the anthropogenic global warming debate. If you’ve not read/watched their work in its entirety then you’ve probably only been exposed to straw man propaganda. If you are not truly familiar with their work, then check out some of these:

Some Videos On The Global Warming Fraud


$79bn of funding from the US government alone to prove a global warming crisis at the 9 minute mark in the  50 to 1 Project – Joanne Nova Interview.  Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Carbon capture

Will someone please get on the phone and let the Polish government know that Australia has legislated to introduce a carbon dioxide tax as an intermediary step to a carbon dioxide emissions trading scheme:

Another EU Greenfail As Poland Vetoes Carbon Targets:  The EU’s carbon agenda has launched a trade war that has China blocking purchases of Airbus’s troubled new jumbo jets; now word comes that the EU climate agenda is beginning to fall apart at home.

The European Union’s ambitious low carbon plan collapsed yesterday when Poland vetoed plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions drastically after 2020

Obviously the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs has been distracted by the activities of its now former Minister. Somehow they have not made Poland aware of our position. This is the only possible explanation for Poland’s bizarre decision.  The Australian government and countless members of the media made it clear that the world was just waiting for Australia’s to take the lead. The world was already moving remorselessly to impose a global carbon dioxide trading scheme. If we did not act now, we would be left behind. We would lose the opportunity to profit from being just ahead of the rest of the world in making our industry pay for their carbon dioxide emissions.

Of course, it is not just Poland and China that give the lie to Australia’s pro-carbon dioxide tax rhetoric. Russia, the US, Japan and many others all form part of a global anti carbon dioxide tax coalition.

Sorry for all the “dioxide“, it’s hard not referring to carbon dioxide by its name, rather than that of something else. But we live in an era of politically correct Orwellian newspeak.  Carbon dioxide is now the gas that dare not speak its name. It’s too obviously inoffensive.

The lies and the pervasiveness of politically correct mouthpieces in advocating for an Australian carbon dioxide tax was amazing. Just because banks will make a fortune trading carbon dioxide in any global scheme does not mean it warrants public support. The push for a carbon dioxide tax shared many similarities with that for desalination plants in Australia.

Australians will have to pay billions to cover the costs of building desalination plants instead of damns. Water will cost more than necessary for the rest of our lives.  We are so much the poorer for this. Many do not yet realize how they have been robbed. The costs are spread over so many and for so many years that the magnitude and extent of the theft is hard to see. The effects are the same as a massive tax paid directly to those who profited from the desalination decision, including all the lobbyists.

By capturing the legitimate policy making process the vested interests have transferred fortunes to themselves, without much risk of being charged. This is despite the costs of their benefiting this way being greater than if they had simply received a bribe. The plant had to be built rather than just having a smaller sum paid to the vested interests and their enablers.

While some enablers were paid, the vast bulk were simply useful tools. Tools of parasites pushing for profit outside a free market. Politicians may once have been the slaves to some long dead economist, but now they tend to dance to a different tune. One played by those interested in private gain rather than the public good. Private gain obtained without the risk and effort required by a free market. It was ever thus, back before we uncovered the keys to unleashing human potential. Back before our culture evolved in such a way as to provide riches beyond the wildest imagination of any in per-capitalist times. Our science is more than magic to them.

Both the carbon dioxide tax and desalination plants enjoyed similar amplification and endorsement. Venom was pored on those who questioned them. Now the perpetual drought has proved to be somewhat less than eternal, the merits of dams over desalination plants is undeniable. 15 years of increased human carbon dioxide emissions without rising temperatures has had a similar effect on peoples views of taxing carbon dioxide.  Reality has defied all the predictions of all the preexisting models. People have concluded the models rather than reality are wrong.

But note how the parasites operate. They have lots of resources and lots of time. They are happy to trample all over our institutions, culture and country for their personal gain. Watch what happens to living standards in the UK. They had Blair while Australia had Howard. They gained a Cameron, while Australia will hopefully have an Abbott. But the ALP succumbing to the siren song of the vested interests has done much damage. Come the collapse we will regret the waste.

The Liberal Party (Australia’s conservative party) will not be immune. There are so many smart sweet talkers out there who want your money and are happy to use the State to get it. Their techniques transfer across borders, where they have the same effects – impoverishment of the populace and destruction of their culture.

Watch their modus operandi. Know thy enemy. The first step toward a cure is to admit the problem.

They will be stopped, the sooner the better.