Our dystopian future
Our dystopian future


A nightmarish future created by combining the surveillance state, big data, intelligent algorithms and automated drones is being created. It will combine aspects of Huxley and Orwell’s dystopian visions.

The archiving of every site you have been to and call you have made, together with geo-location information and spending habits will enable the identification of information accessing behavior likely to give rise to “thought” crimes. They could be subject to re-education or given “psychiatric” treatment.

The ability to analyze the past activity of those who come to authorities’ attention will enable the rolling up of ideological sympathizers. It will also enable the identification of thought crime “nodes” which link to other networks of potential opposition.

Intelligent algorithms and artificial intelligence means that it will be possible to continually monitor for those engaging in inappropriate information accessing behavior. It will enable the identification of those having or likely to have “deviant” thoughts. Do bear in mind suggestions to criminalize climate skepticism, Islamophobia, hate speech etc.

Retrospective law changes seem to have lost much of their stigma. I.e. You may be prosecuted tomorrow for what you write now, even though it is legal. What you write online is kept forever.

Automated drones mean that once such a surveillance state is in operation, it will not need the support of many people to remain in power. A despot will be able to survive due to technological rather than human thugs.

Much of the necessary technological and legislative framework required for such a dystopian future is already in place. It was put there to protect us from Islamic terrorism, originating from our fellow citizens. Often new migrants to the West or their children.

We risk throwing away the freedom out forebears fought for and we were lucky enough to inherit. The very freedoms that underpin our wealth and health.

Our politicians and governing class are such numbskulls. They do not have a clue about what they are putting at risk. They all went through the same educational sausage factory and then into very similar jobs. Little wonder they all suffer from group think. Thank god for the proles, as Orwell was insightful enough to realise. They can still think.