Idiots in high places
Idiots in high places


New GOP bill seeks to let ISPs sell your web history to advertisers. If the NSA can’t keep its data secure, what hope has every ISP in the land? If collected and kept, it will become available.

Quick: Name five people you’d love to show all the internet traffic that has ever gone through your router. Every page you and anyone else using your unsecured Wi-Fi ever visited, every ad ever served to you from any of those pages, how long you lingered on the pages you visited, whether you scrolled down or signed up or bought anything, and all of it time-stamped. Better yet, would you donate that information to a private mindshare broker, which brags about using a botnet AI to conduct psy ops and sway elections for the highest bidder?

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) have introduced Congressional Review Act resolutions that would overturn the FCC’s privacy rules for ISPs. The resolutions will allow ISPs to sell the web histories of their customers to whatever “trusted partner” they wish.”

In Australia, it is already spread far and wide within the Commonwealth Government. If anyone is careless with the data or hacked it will become widely available. The Coalition passed the Act which made that possible. Bless the little dears. They have the intellect of infants.

Which side of politics are public servants going to leak against?

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