Spanish central bankers investigated
Spanish central bankers investigated


First, Iceland, and now Spain has taken on the Big Bankers responsible for financial calamity, as the country’s highest national court charged the former head of Spain’s central bank, a market regulator, and five other banking officials over a failed bank leading to the loss of millions of euros for smaller investors.

This, of course, markedly departs from the mammoth taxpayer giveaway — commonly referred to as the bailout — approved by the U.S. government ostensively to “save” the Big Banks and, albeit unstated, allow the enormous institutions to continue bilking customers without the slightest fear of penalty.”

The establishment connived with big finance to bail out politically connected bankers and vested interests. Losses were transferred from those who ought to have borne them to the taxpayers. Ordinary punters were not helped. Instead, aid went to the rich and powerful. They bailed out Wall Street, not main street. This was repeated across the West.
Now the establishment and their media cheer squad wonder why they are not being listened to. They wonder why people are voting to piss them off. They wonder why new and small parties are on the rise. So much for the intelligence of the intelligentsia.