Deradicalization disaster
Deradicalization disaster


Early Christians withstood persecution by the ancient Romans. Their fringe divergent Jewish sect overturned the established order. There is nothing preordained in the battle between the Western enlightenment values and those driving ISIS beheading, slavery, robbery and rape.

Among the damning revelations in the report were the fact that the only de-radicalisation centre currently up and running, and fully staffed at an annual cost of €2.5 million, is in fact empty.

 Yes Minister explains why this could be good. Even their writers never got as far as the Saudi experience:

Saudi Arabia’s “rehabilitation” center for terrorists… it’s actually a recruiting and training factory for jihad… According to recently declassified documents, senior al Qaeda operative Ghassan Abdullah al-Sharbi told a Gitmo parole board that the Saudi government has been encouraging previously released prisoners to rejoin the jihad at its terrorist reform school”.

No prizes for guessing who sung its praises “The Obama administration has praised the effectiveness of the Saudi rehab program”. It’s enough to make you wonder whose side they were on. It makes me wonder who will save us from ourselves.