Trump Triumphant
Trump Triumphant

From what I saw of the second debate Trump won easily, seemingly against both Hillary and the moderators. As for his crude comments. I suspect most of his base will not care about them. They’ve probably enjoyed sex or fantasised about doing so with someone they are not married to. They’ve also probably been party to crude conversations and heard crude jokes and songs.

As for his non-core supporters, he has been painted as such an ogre that airing him talking about making passes at women will not make much difference. It’s not exactly in the same league as being a traitor or starting a nuclear war.

Given Trump is not running as a family values evangelical Christian type; any Republican hypocrite label will not stick.

Hillary is running as a strong supporter of women’s rights. Her covering up and facilitating rape and abuse goes against her narrative. For many of her supporters it is toxic. Those who are principle based Democrats rather than tribal will be turned off. There will be Democrats who are unaware of the strength of the case against Hillary & Bill. Trump is able to burst through the media barricades, so they will find out. I’m not sure what percentage of Hillary supporters are both principle based and ignorant. But for them the hypocrisy will also be apparent and further undermine their support for her.

If it carries on like this it will be a Trump landslide, partly due to a low turnout for Hillary.

The “You’d be in jail” quip puts the Democratic and Republican establishment on notice that they too will be held to account. That incarceration rather than just fines could await them. Also in disavowing Pence he informs the military industrial complex that he is serious about reigning it in. The chance of assassination and intelligence service type dirty tricks has gone up several notches. Crooks, crony capitalists and Party establishments are not just fighting for their commercial and political lives, but their freedom.

That said the voting intentions here suggest an “independent” upset is possible. The panel will have been stacked with Democrats, so it is particularly worrying for Hillary. No wonder the big guns focused on Gary “Aleppo” Johnson. One wonders what they had on his deputy to make him just want to prevent a Trump Presidency.  Given all his calls and emails are captured it would be surprising if pressure could not be brought to bear. Now and always. Trump may not have been subject to the same degree of tracking in the past due to his expected irrelevance.

It could be a very interesting election. Certainly worth breaking out the popcorn and enjoying the show. There will be more “developments”. Let’s hope democracy wins. The alternatives down the line are far worse.