Nations and Cultures Attacked
Nations and Cultures Attacked

Globalists seek to eliminate war by eliminating “Tribalism” and “Nationalism”. That is, your Nation as a Nation. Your culture as a culture. They are attacking your country and your culture with the best of intentions. But nature abhors a vacuum. Even if successful, they will fail. But in trying to do so, they will unleash the very horror they are attempting to void.

The goal of perfecting people, and societies caused the great slaughters of the last century. They are likely to do so again in this century. History does not repeat, but it does rhyme. Soros and his globalist brethren are demonstrating that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, thanks in part to reflexivity.

The fundamental philosophical fight today. Those who are “pro-Nation”, whatever their nation may be, and the “Non-Nationals” lead by Soros and his money.

IF you value your nation, be it Russia, China, India, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Germany, Australia, the USA or “wherever”, then do realize you are under attack by NGOs, funded and directed by Soros, who’s main goal it to eliminate “Tribalism” and “Nationalism”, that is, your Nation as a Nation. Your culture as a culture.

His history and track record show this is not a theory, but a report of historical fact.”

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In human affairs the reaction may not be an equal and opposite, but will occur. The globalists are creating a reaction. It’ll be excessive and in the opposite direction.

It appears that George Soros is paving that road to hell with all his might and considerable wealth. He is also demonstrating the truth of his theory of reflexivity:

I can state the core idea in two relatively simple propositions. One is that in situations that have thinking participants, the participants’ view of the world is always partial and distorted. That is the principle of fallibility. The other is that these distorted views can influence the situation to which they relate because false views lead to inappropriate actions. That is the principle of reflexivity”.

A distorted view leading to inappropriate actions. Many will suffer for the globalists sins. A little humility on their part could have saved us all from a lot of bother. Not least the effects of an iron burka descending like a guillotine on Europe. If not stopped, European liberties and cultures may be extinguished, forever. This will not, cannot, happen peacefully.

The tree of liberty will be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants. This will either renew or kill it.