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Cognitive biases

Graphic categorizing cognitive biases into four quadrants of memory, meaning, information overload, and need for speed.


Source: Better Humans

The standard you walk past


UN Human Rights Chief, Jordanian Prince Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al-Hussein, used his UN pulpit to hector Western conservatives.

He did not call for the repeal of the cruel and misogynistic aspects of Sharia law. He did not call for the repeal of laws against insulting his family, the monarchy in Jordan. Despite this, his speech was praised by much of the Western media.

Now Jordanian journalist Nahed Hattar has been assassinated outside a courthouse where he was facing trial for insulting Islam. On this too the UN Human Rights Chief and Australian media is silent. David Morrison and much of the Australian left repeatedly say:

“The standard you walk past is the standard you accept”.

Better add the murder of journalists for publishing a carton to their list of his and their acceptable behaviour.

The Western left and media have previously accepted child sex slavery and pedophile gang rape. Rather than risk “racism’ Western media walked past the persistent mass rape of children. The UK Rotherham child sex scandal is not limited to Rotherham.

The “bleeding hearts” also accepted mass sexual assaults on continental Europe. Nothing must contradict the preferred narrative. Not the truth, not the rape of women, not the rape of children. Nothing.

No wonder so many of them deny the very existence of evil.

On all of this David Morrison is silent. I guess we now know what he walks past, what he accepts.

For the sake of ourselves, our women and our children David Morrison and the left more generally must be called out for their hypocrisy, for their sins of omission.

We know what they walk past. We cannot do the same. The left must not determine what is acceptable, for we know what that is and where it leads.

Hillary’s failings


“The irony of the day, week, month and year is Hillary’s statement “I Know How to Do This“.

  • Hillary supported Bush’s inane war in Iraq.
  • Hillary supported Bush’s inane war in Afghanistan.
  • Hillary was the mastermind of US failed strategy in Libya.
  • Hillary is the single person most responsible for Benghazi.
  • Hillary supports president Obama’s drone policy.
  • There has never been a war Hillary did not support.

The most surefire way to make a terrorist out of a non-terrorist is to kill an innocent child or bomb an innocent person’s home. Doing so is sure to radicalize friends and family”

Source: Most Dangerous Person On the Planet Today: Hillary Clinton