Splendid Links 2
Splendid Links 2

A couple of videos:

  • Charles Ferguson on the Financial Landscape after 2008’s “Inside Job”: More pointed commentary on the lack of prosecutions.  He has released a book, Predator Nation in addition to his documentary Inside Job. He suggests that the financial sector has subverted the legal system in addition to the regulatory one. If he is correct there will be interesting times ahead. If something can’t last, it will not.
  • Sheila Bair: Keeping Banks Honest: Bill Moyers interview with Sheila Bair. Bair was appointed by President Bush in 2006 to chair the FDIC. During the 2008 meltdown, she argued that in some cases banks were NOT too big to fail — that instead of bailouts, they should be sold off to healthier competitors. Hat tip The Big Picture

A text post:

And to round it off, an audio:

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