We have Zombie banks, Zombie economies, Zombie movies and Zombie parties. We are living in the time of the Zombie. Brain dead creatures that eat the living. Google trends reveals the growth of interest in zombies:

The Left have long made use of dead voters to advance the cause.  Lest you get the wrong impression, Electoral fraud is not limited to the USA or the dead:

Baroness Warsi alleges Labour benefited from vote fraud: The Conservatives failed to win an overall majority at the general election because of electoral fraud, the party chairman has said.

I guess if people are not going to heaven they may be waiting around to vote. But waiting around to sign documentation, now that is above and beyond the call of duty:

Dead Soul Is a Debt Collector: She died in 1995. Yet her signature later appeared on thousands of affidavits submitted by one of the nation’s largest debt collectors, Portfolio Recovery Associates Inc., in lawsuits filed against borrowers.

I sure hope that if I break the law it is referred to as “cutting corners” and deemed not to warrant prosecution. But perhaps that only applies to Zombies and blood sucking parasites. And we all know who the blood sucking parasites are. I guess I should have known there would be Zombie law applied to Zombie banks. After all, we have had debates about dead letter law and living constitutions. Well ink on paper is dead. As apparently are many of the ideals contained in the constitution. The law is also dead, except if applied to the little people. To ensure this continues to be the case, we will have zombie votes in zombie elections. After all, what’s a little fraud between friends?

The growth of electoral fraud is but one more manifestation of the decline of standards across the English speaking world. But this post is about the living dead not the death of our means of earning a living. So what does the increasing number of Zombie references say about our future? What Would Jung Say? Are the references to zombies a manifestation of Jung’s collective unconscious:

The Red Book: In 1913, a 40 year old world renowned psychologist suffers recurring dreams and visions of world catastrophe. His expertise as a psychiatrist working with incurable psychotics forces him to conclude that he is on a course to madness. His training as a scientist compels him to meticulously document what he imagines will be his unavoidable decline into insanity. With the outbreak of World War I, he experiences relief in the realization that the images that have haunted him over the prior ten months pictured not his own undoing, but that of the world. As the outer conflict unfolds, he continues to record the process unfolding within his own psyche, which is reflective of the events in the larger collective. He continues the process until near the War’s end, and then spends more than a decade devotedly elaborating, amplifying and illustrating the material that burst upon him during that time in order to render it comprehensible (Amazon Comment).

Thus far I’ve resisted reading Mao’s little red book, but I might succumb to Jung’s big one – or at least look at the pictures. I’ve a fair bit of sympathy for Jung, not least because he recognized something that eludes many of our contemporaries:

We do not know whether Hitler is going to found a new Islam. He is already on the way; he is like Mohammed. The emotion in Germany is Islamic; warlike and Islamic. They are all drunk with wild god. That can be the historic future.[45]

OK, so Islamic anti-Semitism is not new, but it does show that darlings of the left once recognized the nature of Islam. Hopefully they will do so again, before they have irredeemably destroyed Western Judeo-Christian culture. Atheists do not fare too well under Sharia law, so it is in their own interests to recognize it for what it is. Although I expect the hard left will happily worship Mohammed as their strong man font of all wisdom a la Stalin, Mao, Kim Jung-il… etc. Imposing Sharia law will probably be no worse for the people of the West than implementing Communism was for the people of Cambodia. That did not stop much of the left lionizing Pol Pot. Indeed, the fouler the despot the more appealing he seems to be, provided he criticizes the USA.

Lets all hope that Jung was simply an eccentric old man with some odd views. I would hate for the growth of references to Zombies to be reflecting our future.

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