Climate of corruption
Climate of corruption

The fact that Europe, America and bits of Australia have all “enjoyed” unseasonably cold weather must not stand in the way of the global warming consensus. Cancun cold might have followed the Copenhagen freeze, but so what. These are anomalies and random events.

Australia also spent billions on desalination plants rather than dams because of claims Australian rainfall would decline due to global warming.  Naturally rain, flooding and filling dams soon followed:

Australia Confirms Wettest Spring on Record: Australia has recorded its wettest spring in 111 years of records with an average of 163.0mm of rain. The previous record was 140.1mm from 1975.

It was a very wet spring across the country with all states but Tasmania recording heavy rainfall totals.

How could our policy makers and “progressives” be so wrong? How could they waste so much national treasure for so little gain? Are they stupid or what?

Given the breadth of errors across so many countries by so many supposed experts it must be more than stupidity. It reflects something far worse:

Markstone in the news: Last week it emerged that a team of high-powered lobbyists with deep reach inside the VictorianGovernment were behind AquaSure, the winning bid for the $3.5 billion desalination tender. This team included former Cain and Kirner government minister David White; Danny Pearson, his colleague at lobbying firm Hawker Britton and a former adviser to Steve Bracks; and Philip Staindl, who heads Labor’s fund-raising arm, Progressive Business. AquaSure also retained a former state Liberal Party director, John Ridley, but he says he was only advising on community relations

How many people made fortunes from the construction of the desalination plants? But considerable as the desalination plant commissions may be, they reflect but one industry in one small Western country. There has been an avalanche of money flowing to green causes and their proponents. Some make their fortunes, others their living. In total they decrease the wealth of the world. They undermine their societies.

Unabashed greed for power, money and prestige have overridden the normal Western World constraints against policy foolishness:

Markstone in the news:One private sector source said a Labor mates network kicks in after a tender is awarded. ‘‘When you win these jobs the Government thinks you owe them,’’ the source said. ‘‘It expects you to hire its press secretaries, advisers and former politicians. They want you to warehouse their apparatchiks.’’

How many times have we heard similar stories from around the world? With Michelle Obama being a case in point. How long can the West afford to have so much of its wealth siphoned off in kick backs and value destroying projects, to enrich the politically connected elite and their symbiotic sycophants? Pigs with their snouts in the trough do not have to be elected, they can just be connected.

It’s not just Al “poised to become the world’s first “carbon billionaire“” Gore, but almost all the climate alarmists. The IPCC Cancun and Copenhagen get together simply being the most high profile of countless global warming inspired junkets. Great for the ego and pockets of countless parasites living of the sweat and blood of working men and women around the world. People are doing it tough. Kids are going hungry, yet the so called socialists fly around the world to socialize in luxury. Hypocritical scum, the lot of them.

Is it just me or are you sick and tired of our societies financial elites getting rich through “corrupt” practices?  Influencing governments and regulators to create incentives that destroy value is not a right and proper thing to do. It should be punished not rewarded with wealth beyond the dreams of avarice. It matters little how much money is thereby transferred to the vested interests, it is a net negative game. Payoffs to the politically connected and their followers are neither right nor acceptable. They are also destructive and becoming increasingly pervasive throughout the developed world. How long is it since the European Union accounts were signed off? How about the US Federal Reserve being audited?

Eventually we will reach a tipping point where the productive classes can no longer support all those living off their labor. Ultimately someone has to create the value to fund all the lobbyists, green dreams and simple resource wasting ideologically driven projects being imposed upon the peoples of the West. The rot goes beyond the financial sector. Sure the banks have robbed us blind. Banks are also pushing for some sort of carbon trading scheme. Think how much money they will make trading that? Well I say “make”, but “take” is more accurate. Trading does not make wealth. It simply redistributes it from one party of the trade to another. I need not remind you of Goldman Sachs performance. Who made the losses? You and me. Everyone else. we all end up paying for the bankers bonuses.

Don’t think that the too big to fail banks are necesarily acting ethically. It is not just in its promotion of climate change that Deutsche Bank has been up to no good:

Fraud As A Business Model: Deutsche Bank: Deutsche Bank admitted criminal wrongdoing and agreed to pay more than $550 million in connection with its participation in tax shelters that enabled the rich to temporarily avoid paying hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. taxes, authorities announced Tuesday.

I wonder if one of the people they helped temporarily avoid paying their taxes was Tim Geithner. Well I don’t really wonder about it. But if they promote a tax avoider to head up their tax collecting unit they can hardly begrudge a too big to fail bank helping other rich people avoid tax.

With carbon trading it is not just the banks and the likes of Al Gore who will profit. Established companies will often do so as well. They will probably be gifted a pollution right that they can sell. This effectively acts as a subsidy to the existing producer, creating a barrier to entry to non subsidized participants and reducing competition. It will stifle progress and condemn us to a poorer life. It will also condemn some of us to a  premature death. A poorer economy means the death panels will cut in earlier.

It is time much of the developed world copied aspects of Singapore’s clean system of government. After all, Singapore has overtaken most of them in terms of income per head. It has done it in part on the back of running a clean government. Corruption is not tolerated in Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew knew that corruption undermines all. It is inimical to affluence.

Perhaps the state is not granting a monopoly to import or export tea. But it is still effectively taxing people. It is making them poorer. Corruption is not cost free. Corruption of the magnitude being experienced in countries that think of themselves as clean is the stuff revolutions are made of. If the current elected representatives do not clean things up they will be cleaned up and consigned to the dustbin of history.

Let your elected representative know what you think. Give them a chance to save their jobs and possibly their skins. Revolutions are not to be embarked upon lightly. They invariably end up hurting the good as well as the bad. Democracies should be able to reform themselves peacefully. It is one of the beautiful things bequeathed unto the world by the once Great Britain. We have a right to honesty and integrity in our public officials. Do not accept anything less.

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