Life is full of adversity. Sometimes getting out of bed can be an effort. Indeed, getting into bed is not always very easy. As for the thumping headache in the morning, that does not bear thinking about. But life must carry on and we always clamber out of bed and start the day. Nonetheless, the dry mouth and acute hearing serves as constant reminders of how bad a hand life dealt us. That we were fated to be substance abusers and consequently we are victims. Life was so much better in days gone by.

It is undoubtedly societies fault, or maybe the parents. Perhaps it’s the television and movies. It’s not surprising people are disturbed and in need of counseling, when they see on average more than 40,000 killings before the age of fifteen. Good job they are not allowed to see any sexual activity. Then they might want to make love not war. How can their home provide a nurturing environment when a little box spews forth wanton violence for much of the day?

Society has progressed since ancient times. Pleasure in the good old days of Nero and Caligula consisted of going down to the local amphitheater and watching gladiators hack each other apart. On particularly special occasions people would be fed to wild animals or whole naval battles re-enacted. Killing people for the amusement of others, how absolutely barbaric. Such spectacles would not be acceptable today, now that we are used to slow motion close up shots of people getting dismembered. Not to mention getting their brains blown out. Looking at dots in the distance, there is no fun in that.

As for ancient entertainment consisting of real people actually killing each other, while today it consists of simulated killings. So what, we are dealing with perceptions. If the simulations were not more realistic than the real thing then television news would be the top rating shows. Television news shows people being killed, rather than the goings on of some person getting paid to pretend to kill people. At least there would be no Oscars for best actor, unless it awarded to a tombstone. Perhaps a bit more realism might not be such a bad thing after all.

While home life might be totally barbaric, school would not have helped. There is nothing worse for delicate young minds than overbearing teachers, except for something turning it into mince meat. The West has introduced education for all. Over the last few decades it has significantly reduced the age at which this starts and the number of students per teacher. Children are now exposed to more professional child development facilitators, for want of a better term, than ever before in the history of humanity. These are often graduates and in most countries are accredited and hold tertiary qualifications. It is a grand social experiment and its results are beginning to be felt.

Gone are grandma’s knee and the guiding hand of some other relative. In are pre-schools, kindergartens and child care. A marvelous advance and often touted as a splendid step for women. Shame about the children, be they male or female. All this pseudo intellectual claptrap on child development has resulted in an egocentric bunch of semi-literate morons graduating from college. No longer can we expect the product of ten years education to be able to read, write and count. Instead they know all about caring and sharing, the environment, indigenous rights and the evils of capitalism, science and western society.

As for teachers, they ought to be more numerous and better remunerated. Society obviously needs more of them. Keynes recommended burying notes in bottles and paying people to dig them up as a cure for unemployment. This is a comparatively splendid suggestion. It’s far better to have social do-gooders digging in the dirt than sabotaging young minds. If teachers were concerned with teaching children the basic skills necessary to acquire their own knowledge, rather than brain washing them with their pseudo scientific opinions, it would be OK. But no, they have to try and impress their young charges. Indeed, the more time the teacher has the greater their desire to impress their pupils.

What is more impressive than knowing better than the rest of society? Than the productive people, those that grow the food, make the cars, design the planes and cure the sick. You know the ones, the stupid know-nothing parents. Only the self-opinionated teachers can make children see the world the way it actually is. Make them aware of the destruction of the environment, the merits of other cultures and the bigoted nature of the rest of society. Perhaps they ought to be allowed to teach children how to vote. They certainly try and inculcate them with a set of values inimical to the western way of life. Fortunately most of them appear no more capable of making children understand their politically correct agenda, than mathematics. Leaving some hope for the future.

With teachers imposing alien value systems and television blood sucking aliens, it is little wonder people are often a bit confused. Some are so confused that they are unaware that they were victims at all. These are the biggest victims of all. Being so traumatized that they have blocked out all recollection of distressing events and lost the ability to comprehend the injustice of their past treatment. Fortunately there is now professional help for such people. No longer will they have to go through life contented and taking responsibility for their own actions.

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