Al Qaeda agrees with Bush
Al Qaeda agrees with Bush

Wow, Al Qaeda agrees with Bush!

Bush and Al Qaeda agree it’s about Western freedom

Bush said: “They hate our freedoms — our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other”.

Al Qaeda said “If it is part of your freedom of speech to defame Muhammad it is part of our religion to fight you … Jihad against the West is the only realistic solution for this problem” (1)

Al Qaeda’s also identified “the only realistic solution”. 10 out of 10 to them, hmmm 1010, they would no doubt agree. Perhaps that was the button this was about.  But I digress, back to Al Qaeda, who have even identified the proper way to deal with the problem:

Al Qaeda on Muslims building bridges with the West

It is not enough to have the intention to do good. One must do good in the proper way.

So what is the proper solution to this growing campaign of defamation? The medicine prescribed by the Messenger of Allāh is the execution of those involved… Their proper abode is Hellfire.” (2)

Hmm. Not looking good for those cartoonists, comedians, painters, artists or any others who might incur their wrath. Still at least Al Qaeda are far away, or perhaps not:

Al Qaeda on how to behave in the West

To my Muslim brothers everywhere especially in the West… This is a golden opportunity to have the honor of performing an act in the service of Islām greater than any form of jihād. Defending the Messenger of Allāh is a greater cause than fighting for Palestine, Afghanistan or Iraq; it is greater than fighting for the protection of Muslim life, honor or wealth. This is the pinnacle of all deeds and is waiting for the likes of Muĥammad bin Maslamah.

A cartoonist out of Seattle, Washington, named Molly Norris started the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”. This snowball rolled out from between her evil fingers. She should be taken as a prime target of assassination along with others who participated in her campaign. This campaign is not a practice of freedom of speech, but is a nationwide mass movement of Americans joining their European counterparts in going out of their way to offend Muslims worldwide. They are expressing their hatred of the Messenger of Islām through ridicule.

The large number of participants makes it easier for us because there are more targets to choose from in addition to the difficulty of the government offering all of them special protection. But even then our campaign should not be limited to only those who are active participants.

These perpetrators are not operating in a vacuum. Instead they are operating within a system that is offering them support and protection. The government, political parties, the police, the intelligence services, blogs, social networks, the media, and the list goes on, are part of a system within which the defamation of Islām is not only protected but promoted.  The main elements in this system are the laws that make this blasphemy legal. Because they are practicing a “right” that is defended by the law, they have the backing of the entire Western political system. This would make the attacking of any Western target legal from an Islāmic viewpoint. The entire Western system is staunchly protecting and promoting the defamation of Muĥammad and therefore, it is the entire Western system that is at war with Islām. Assassinations, bombings, and acts of arson are all legitimate forms of revenge against a system that relishes the sacrilege of Islām in the name of freedom.”(3)

Me Stuck for words

Someone should put that to music, oops looks like they already have? Alternatively:

“They came first for the satirists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a satirist” or words to that effect

Notes (1), (2) & (3)

Al Qaeda’s comments extracted from Shayrh Anwar Al-Awlaki’s of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula; quoted in Inspire, Summer 2010, Pages 27 & 28. As the magazine also includes bomb making instructions, no link is provided.

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