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How To Get Anything Through TSA Scanners

A video showing How To Get Anything Through TSA Nude Body Scanners. While the focus of reporting against the airport transport scanners is in the US, the problem is broader. Even Australia is introducing them. What a total waste of money, worse than a waste. They will do actual harm. They take money away from better uses and then uses it to harm us. All the while undermining our liberty and instilling a habit of accepting wanton intrusion and molestation by the state.

Reporting on airport scanners is focused on America because their cultural affinity with freedom is stronger than most other places. But the TSA is a direct assault on this component of their cultural capital. Fortunately many in the US still recognizes this. Most of the rest of the Anglo-sphere has long forgotten what made them strong. They have progressed far down a politically correct path paved with good intentions. Much of Europe is also well advanced. But reality is breaking in. It just takes time. Once the politically correct walls are breached much will be swept away in a torrent of reality. As with Madoff, the money is gone. As they say with MF Global, the money just dissapeared. When reality bursts in nothing will be able to put our Humpty Dumpty crony capitalist social welfare state system back together again.

TSA: Pump your breasts first

TSA to nursing mother: breast-pump can’t go through security unless you pump your breasts first: The agent told her the ice pack would not be allowed through security without milk in the bottles. Strand said the ice pack is specially made for the milk’s cooler and would not be easy to replace. “It really confuses me as to how an empty breast pump and cooler pack are a threat to national security and 20 minutes later, with milk, they no longer pose a threat to national security,” Strand said incredulously.  She asked if there was a private place she could pump and was told there was not. The agent suggested she go to the public bathroom. Her electric pump required an outlet and there were no outlets in the stalls, so she had to use one in the bathroom’s public area.

Of course suicidal terrorists are capable of having explosives implanted into their body.  It’s way past the time we accepted there is risk in life. That giving up liberty for security carries risks of its own. What would your parents have said 30 years ago if told this sort of thing would happen? Heck, what would you have said 15 years ago? We can track the decline of our culture by such methods. It makes clear how many things that once secured us have been subverted. How our cultural protections have been dismantled and a new set of enabling features established. It’s time to turn around, and demand our freedom back. Including our freedom to take risks and travel unmolested.


TSA random car inspections

I’m glad America is not  police state. Otherwise I’d be worried about goons with guns randomly stopping cars and trucks:

The TSA Is Coming To A Highway Near You: In October Tennessee became the first state to conduct a statewide Department of Homeland Security Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) team operation which randomly inspected Tennessee truck drivers and cars….

VIPR teams which count TSOs among their ranks, conduct searches and screenings at train stations, subways, ferry terminals and every other mass transit location around the country. In fact, as the Los Angeles Times has detailed, VIPR teams conducted 9,300 unannounced checkpoints and other search operations in the last year alone.

More TSA commentary here. I suppose they have to get the people used to being stopped and searched slowly, one small step at a time. Otherwise they might object to it. Far better to go the boiled frog rout.