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Global Leviathan

Rise up and oppose this abomination all lovers of liberty. Global tyranny is still tyranny. In a world run by despots, tyrants and vested interests we must protect our rights. The rights our forbears fought and died for – our children’s birthright.

A global Leviathan is to be feared every bit as much as a national one. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a step toward creating just such a global leviathan. One which will make that of Hobbes look like a responsive pygmy:

 “TPP is a “trade deal” that mostly does not deal with trade. In fact, of the 29 chapters in this document, only five cover traditional trade matters! The other two dozen chapters amount to a devilish “partnership” for corporate protectionism. They create sweeping new “rights” and escape hatches to protect multinational corporations from accountability to our governments… and to us. Here are a few of TPP’s provisos that would make our daily lives riskier, poorer, and less free…..

One of the deal’s chapters creates a monstrous monkey wrench called the “Investor-State Dispute Resolution” system. In this private, supra-legal “court,” corporations are empowered to sue TPP governments over environmental, health, consumer, zoning, or any other public policies that the corporations claim are either undermining their TPP “rights” or diminishing–get this–their “expected future profits.”

This elevates thousands of private, profit-seeking entities to the legal status of sovereign nations. Under the investor-state system, a smaller version of which was included in NAFTA and other free-trade schemes, the deck is stacked for corporate interests. Cases are decided behind closed doors by three-person international tribunals…. These “tribunalists” are not accountable to any electorate, and their decisions are final–there’s no appeal to a real court. If a corporation wins a case, taxpayers of the government being sued lose, for they must pony up cash to compensate the corporation for its “loss” of profit.

No wonder they wanted to keep the full text from us until it is approved:

Last year, Obama’s top trade rep, Ron Kirk, declared that locking out the people is necessary, because the deal’s details would outrage Americans and spook Congress from rubber stamping it. In short, to win public approval of TPP, the Obamacans say they must keep it hidden from the public.”

Not just Americans.

The outcomes of our elections, our democratic processes will become irrelevant if we cede too much sovereignty. This is way too much sovereignty. Stop it. Stop it now. An ounce of prevention is worth a tonne of cure. Our freedom is way too valuable to gift to a bunch of international bureaucrats and their crony capitalist controllers.

Graphic courtesy of Hightower Lowdown