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Exploiting productive people

Peasants used to be the primary productive class. They were the ones slaving away to support those living off their labor. Now it’s the capitalists, skilled workers, risk takers and the thrifty whose wealth is being expropriated. The money is no longer given to retainers, but welfare recipients and others who can be trusted to vote the right way. The blood sucking vampires living off the sweat of the working people are not courtiers or capitalists in any true sense of the word, but the connected class.

It’s the bribery of population segments which is behind the retribalisation of the West. But look around, countries which remained tribalised did not enrich their people. Neither will a retribalised West. We have inherited a legacy of wealth, but we can cannibalize and live off it for only so long.

But the privileged elite either do not know or do not care. To hell with the national interest, their only concern is their own interest. They are desperately clinging on to power. They are the truely bitter clingers.

Hello privileged elite, we see you for what you are. You’re not just parasites, but parasitoids. Survival of our civilisation necessitates the removal of your corrosive and corrupting influence. Earn your money in a free market, not through government largess. That includes greenies, much of the finance sector and other corporate welfare recipients as well as individual dependents.

With so many bought already, it is no surprise that they have the numbers in this on-going death spiral. The growth of debt/GDP reveals by just how much they have exceeded the capacity of our society, their host, to support them. They will kill it and our way of life if we do not contain them. We can but hope enough of them realize it’s in their and their children’s longer term best interest to side with us – the productive people.

We exploited peasants when they produced the surplus which was expropriated. Now it is capitalists, skilled workers, risk takers and savers being exploited. With peasants we realized that it was in all our interests that they continued to be productive, to feed us. It’s the same with our current productive classes. Communists might have been willing to starve millions for the greater good, others were not. We must not allow the productive classes ot be persecuted “for the greater good”. Loopy lefty ideology must not be allowed to run rampant over our rights and our way of life. It’s not just time to say enough, but well past it.