UN to regulate the internet
UN to regulate the internet

Gosh, reality is starting to intrude into some peoples ideological prisms:

FCC commissioner: don’t let the Internet fall into the UN’s hands

FCC Commissioner Robert M. McDowell has a WSJ op-ed condemning a treaty proposed at the International Telecommunications Union, the UN agency that oversees global phone systems, which would transfer much of Internet governance to the UN.

Commissioner McDowell correctly asserts that transferring governance to the ITU would be bad for Internet freedom. There are few UN specialized agencies that are more ossified and more prone to being gamed by the world’s totalitarian regimes than the ITU. One UN acquaintance of mine memorably referred to the ITU as the place “where superannuated telco bureaucrats go to die.” And let’s not forget the vital role that ITU designates filled in creating surveillance and censorship regimes established by the failing governments of Tunisia and Egypt (and the similar role they’re likely playing in other regional nations in the midst of popular uprisings.

When a left leaning technological blog like boingboing realizes the UN is not to be trusted to protect our freedom you know real progress is being made.

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