Goldman Sachs PR advice
Goldman Sachs PR advice

Barry wants a job and makes 8 suggestions in his job application. My favorite:

My Application: Head of Public Relations, Goldman Sachs

4. Government Infiltration Service: Stop hiding the great public service that Goldman Sachs offers to governments around the world, and stand proud! There are legions of former Goldie employees working at every strata in every major government. Recognize the great charitable service these former employees provide, by taking enormous pay cuts to serve. Help these folks thru the difficulty of low paying government service, by holding some Goldman Sachs stock for them. When they retire from Civil Service, they have a small nest egg to rely on. They certainly are professional enough not to allow their holdings to compromise their objectivity when affecting policy!

Is he alluding to government or market failure? or does the question make no sense?

Only when we accurately understand the problem, will we be able to know how we got here and how to get somewhere better. It’s always a good time to throw away ideological blinkers and refine the prism of your consciousness. Illusions may be comforting, but reality has a nasty habit of intruding.

Currently we are on a road paved with good intentions. We all know where that leads.

Picture at the top of the post from Matt Taibbi’s The Great American Bubble Machine.