Australian body scanners
Australian body scanners

At least some Americans still have a concept of liberty. Australians may love freedom, but our governing class do not seem to know the meaning of the word:

Full-body scans rolled out at all Australian international airports after trial

The proposed Aviation Security Amendment (Screening) Bill 2012 will make it mandatory for any passenger selected to participate in undergoing a body scan.

The “no scan, no fly” amendment closes a loophole in the legislation, which allows passengers to request a pat-down instead of having to pass through a metal detector.

Transport Minister Anthony Albanese said mandatory body scans were necessary to ensure the safety of airports.

We have said enough on this topic. But terrorists target trains more than airplanes. If trains are also secured, how about buses?  In Moscow they took down apartment blocks. Elsewhere they have targeted schools. What was it that someone said about sacrificing liberty for security?