Industrial phase shift
Industrial phase shift

Western Australia is set to become an industrial powerhouse:

Merging two of the deserts most abundant resources, nearly unlimited quantities of sand and sun, he created the Solar Sinter, a device that melts sand to create 3D objects out of glass.  Hat tip Boing Boing

As some commentators say, our deserts could be covered in glass cities. As could Mars or other planets prior to colonisation.  The potential of a swarm of these machines working in co-ordination is hard to overestimate.

On a more mundane note, how about cheap housing for miners? What about indigenous housing? It’s not such a problem if the housing is trashed if a large solar powered 3D sand printer can pump one out in no time.

Needless to say deserts in America, Africa and the middle east tend to have ample sand and sunlight.

The technology is rough and no doubt unreliable now, but in due course it will be refined or replaced by something even better. Nanotechnology has long held the promise of creating something out of nothing, or more precisely nothing we value.

There is a glorious future awaiting us if we can avoid doing something stupid over the next few years. A big “if” given the doctrines of the politically correct, actions of our politicians and views of many economists.