Cheap 3D Printing
Cheap 3D Printing

$500 for a fully functioning 3D printer!  I paid more than that for a fax machine 10 years ago. If the $500 machine is a bit industrial for your taste, How about this one?

3D printing technology is on the cusp of  a mass market breakout. When the technology comes of age it will revolutionise society. It will restructure industries and change the pattern of global trade.

Sure 3D printers are simplistic at the moment. Just as an old dot matrix printer was simplistic compared to the colour lazer printers we get now for less money. These things can change fast.

3D printing represents the end point of the trend toward niche manufacturing. So much for much of the existing manufacturing sectors around the world. New products and new materials will blossom once there are enough 3D machines in operation to really stimulate demand.

How long will much of the retail sector last when hit by both the internet and home manufacturing? Not to mention inventory parts and supply. You meed something, you simply print it off.

The Microsoft Kinnect was the fastest selling home electronics product. People are already hacking it to create 3D images and displays. How soon before people have an accurate image of themselves as their avatar and use it to try on new clothes or fashion accessories?

There is a wonderful future waiting for us once the global economic reset is behind us – if we are able to put it behind us peacefully.