Indoctrination not education
Indoctrination not education

This post made me think of the new Australian curriculum:

Classroom Climate Conditioning at work: the plotting, the preaching, the results

For me this is a sinister, spine-chilling video from way back in 2008, but I can see how the faithful would be pleased with it, giving insight as it does into the equivalent of two senior Jesuits ensuring the doctrinal correctness of a parish priest with teaching duties.

A professor, a PR/communications man, and a teacher are sitting by a window discussing how best to convert children into political activists for their cause. Frequent shots from the classroom are spliced in to show their schemes in action, and interviews with some pupils at the end demonstrate some success – youngsters now guilt-ridden, and keen to ‘take action’.

The pernicious effect of national curricula and state set exams should not be underestimated. Some kids take some of it in. Parties of the right normally do not confront the resulting ideological shift to the left. Their main supporters are often too busy earning a living to fight philosophical battles. Ordinary people assume schools will educate rather than indoctrinate their kids.

But schools indoctrinate. The youth without much knowledge to help them understand the flaws of the left often fall for the presented ideological view. Eventually the parties of the right charge down some aspect of the socialist path while chasing the “youth” vote. Some of their leaders try to appear hip and trendy by affecting the same views as the indoctrinated “youth”. Some might actually share their ignorance. In today’s world profound ignorance often crosses all ideological, class and professional boundaries.

Thus ends our civilization. Not with a bang, but with a whimper. Or more accurately a series of whimpers. A series of whimpers  from generations of children being indoctrinated against their will. Think of the poor kids being forced to inculcate and regurgitate all that politically correct clap trap throughout their school years. Only to then get the “pleasure” of living in the resulting dysfunctional left wing world. At least until reality asserts itself.

For reality always wins in the end. It wins in matters economic as well as climate. It’ll be much harder to make the kids believe in global warming now many of their schools have been closed because of too much snow. Too much snow which occurred at a place and time for which climate alarmists used to predict snow would be nothing but a distant memory. Just as the 2011 Australian floods occurred despite climate alarmists predictions of a climate change induced everlasting drought. There was to be no more rain like there used to be. Hence no point building dams.

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