UK U turn on sentencing
UK U turn on sentencing

The UK reinforces how right we are to say that the left has perverted the prism through which it views the world. A rapid reversal of a conservative minister’s position:

David Cameron ruled out a change in minimum jail terms for murderers yesterday, reversing Government policy on sentencing in just 24 hours.

On Tuesday, Justice Secretary Ken Clarke had indicated that he wanted to scrap fixed sentences for knife killers and other murderers, leaving judges to decide how long they should serve.

But after a backlash by victims of crime, Tory MPs and grassroots supporters, Downing Street intervened to head off claims that the Government is ‘soft on crime’.
Source: The Daily Mail


It’s a manifestation of the problems caused by activist bleeding heart judges:

Activist judges reject precedent and impose their values when sentencing. This in turn sets precedents other leftwing judges can draw on when sentencing. It also sets precedent that conservative judges feel obliged to follow. Bleeding heart judges feel good about themselves when imposing lenient sentences or giving criminals another chance. They do not see the hidden costs of their selfish approach to sentencing. Costs such as:

  • Innocent people being harmed or forced to live in fear because criminals who should be incarcerated are preying on them or their neighbors.
  • People sentenced to inappropriately long sentences due to mandatory minimum sentences or three strikes and you are out laws.

Soft sentences cause people to lose faith in the system. Some may take the law into their own hands. Others demand the legislature act to ensure appropriate sentences. There are only so many things the legislature can do. None of them is cost free. Mandatory minimum sentences and three strike laws are ways the legislature addresses the problem. Activist judges injecting their values into sentences are the direct cause of mandatory minimum sentences or three strikes and you are out laws. These measures remove the ability of judges to impose overly lenient sentences or to impose appropriately lenient sentences.

Make no mistake. The progressive left and activist judges are directly responsible for the injustice that arises from mandatory minimum sentences and three strikes and you are out laws. Every instance should be one more nail in the progressive left coffin. It matters not how good or selfish their intentions are.

Forgive them father for they know not what they do.