Show trials
Show trials

Show trials such as the one in which this exchange occurred seem to be a feature of the great European experiment:

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Defense attorney, Dr. Michael Rami, turns to Judge Bettina Neubauer: “Your Honor, today it is not Mrs. Sabaditsch-Wolff, but freedom of expression that is on trial.” At first, Neubauer acts unimpressed. What did Sabaditsch-Wolff mean when she said that about rape, she wants to know. “When a Muslim marries a nine-year old,” says the defendant, “he can invoke Islam, which allows him to do that.” “How do you conclude something like that?” asks the judge. “Muslims are supposed to emulate the Prophet in all things,” is Sabaditsch-Wolff’s answer. “That is what it says in the Koran.” She holds up a copy of the Muslim holy book. “And because Mohammed married a six-year old, Muslims, in Yemen among other places, still assume the right to marry and abuse children.” She gives the judge a penetrating look. “I have a six-year old daughter. I do not want something like that to happen to her.” Neubauer asks matter-of-factly: “Why should that happen?” “Because Europe is under threat of Islamization,” says Sabaditsch-Wolff… I give my seminar to inform and warn people.” “What do you think you call forth with such statements, if not hate?” asks the judge, who was already somewhat unnerved. “I do not create hate,” replies the defendant calmly. “Reading the Koran causes far more hate than my seminars.” The trial is adjourned.  (The statement under examination was “Cardinals rape in spite of their religion. Muslims rape because of their religion.”)

But it is not just Europe, it is the mark of embryonic Lefty police states around the world. States where all will live in peace and harmony, or else. Squashing people under a politically correct jackboot still involves crushing them. It matters little how “progressive” your persecutor is when all you hold dear is destroyed.

The left used to joke about capitalists selling you the rope to hang them. How about journalists supporting the laws which will be used to silence them?

The fact the show trials do not always go according to plan highlights just how divorced from reality the left around the world are. But the prosecutions still have a chilling effect on free speech. Who wants to incur the time and expense of a trial? Let alone the fact that the court may, rightly or wrongly, find against you.

But it is not just the formal justice system; it is quasi legal quangos with Orwellian titles such as “Human Rights Commission” that subvert our traditional rights. Rights which are integral to our society, way of life and future prosperity. Rights are important. They are ours. They are not the rotten oppressive façade the left have created under the guise of “Human Rights”.

Socialism was supposedly the intermediate state between capitalism and communism. That was wrong, but what is the future for our Western politically correct states? Societies can not continue with ever increasing debt and below replacement indigenous birth rates. It is not sustainable. Nature abhors a vacuum and if Europeans cease to be, they will be replaced by those coming from more fecund cultures.

Perhaps our politically correct society will prove to be an intermediate state between “capitalism” and the caliphate. Whether this turns out to be so is up to you, all of you. The future is yours to make. The road to hell might be paved with good intentions, but there is nothing inevitable about the abolition of Western civilization. Write a glorious future, not one of tyranny and destruction. Don’t fail your children by losing your birthright. Your cultural birthright belongs to future generations as well as the current ones. We hold our freedoms in trust from our forebears, for our descendants. These rights are not yours or your politicians to squander. They can not just be caste aside on a politically correct whim. The West is a wonderful thing. It is worth preserving. Preserve it.