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Perverted perspectives
Perverted perspectives

The left have corrupted the conceptual framework through which the right views the world. Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard unleashed the SAS to turn back piratical invaders:

“A delegation of five men came up to the bridge. They behaved aggressively and told us to go to Australia”

Howard won the ensuing election by a landslide faught in part on stopping illegal immigration. Since then the major parties have gone to the people promising to be tough on illegal immigrants. Even the Labor Party pretended it would be tough. But now the bipartisan need to appear tough has been broken. The Liberal Party will allow human traffickers to determine our immigration level and composition. I kid you not. The number of Afghan refugees will be decided by the people traffickers:

“AFGHAN asylum seekers who arrive illegally by boat would be returned overseas while more refugees in international camps would be accepted, under a new trade-off proposed by the Coalition.”

What part of being Minister for a sovereign nation does he not understand? But it gets worse. We will replace anyone who can credibly claim to have got a boat here and be from Afghanistan with someone from an Afghan camp. Hello. Like they never lie or fake that sort of stuff. How long before they game the system, by say swamping Australia with “refugees” claiming to be from Afghanistan? That way they can increase the baksheesh from people in camps paying to get to Australia. Nice one. Outsourcing the granting of access to our country and ultimately to citizenship to criminal human trafficking people smugglers. Great, what genius thought of that?

Don’t even suggest the UN is incorruptible. This is the body whose soldiers rape children. Live in the real world.  And don’t stuff our wonderful country. Not all cultures are compatible. We have no desire to live with those culturally predisposed to sex with children and stoning. Who would want to inflict that on anyone?

In Australia it’s Scott Morrison, a man with a track record of success. He was President of the State Liberal Party from 2000 – 2004. There was an election in 2003 and his party won less than half the number of seats of the Labor Party. This led to his political appointment to a $350,000 pa taxpayer funded job as MD of Tourism Australia. He did not last long in that role. His tenure saw the launch of a memorable campaign:

“The campaign received massive press coverage, but it was soon deemed a failure and withdrawn.”

They say you learn more from your failures than successes. Scott must be a truly learned man. In recognition of his learning Scott was pre-selected as a candidate for the Liberal Party. Talk about falling upward. On the bright side he might initiate an Australian tea party type reaction to his policies. Somewhat similar to that created by Malcolm Turnbull when he tried to bully the Party into supporting carbon trading.

I guess it is quite an achievement to take an issue that could help the Coalition romp home in the next election and neutralize it. If not actually turn it into a negative. Hopefully Abbot will stomp on this stupidity well before the election. Outsourcing immigration to the people smugglers is more of a leap than a step too far.

Why can’t the right wake up and reject the internationalist perspective of the left? Yes the National Socialists were beaten by the International Socialists in their ideological civil war.  But this is no reason for the conservative parties to adopt the Left’s detestation of the very concept of national sovereignty. Truly the Left has corrupted the prism through which the right views the world. Scott Morrison is right up there with Honorable Michael Grove in the last linked post. At least the Republicans seem to be holding firm on the issue of an amnesty.