Broken climate models
Broken climate models

The anthropogenic global warming crowd claimed that human CO2 emissions were driving the increase in temperature. They rejected claims that the sun and rest of the solar system might have had something to do with it. They rejected the claim that there might have been other natural phenomena at work.

They did not just reject these claims; they launched vitriolic attacks on anyone who voiced them. They impugned their motives, ethics and ability to reason. It was rank bully boy tactics which played to some of the worst aspects of human nature. Victims of Stalin’s show trials would have recognized the techniques and temperament of the climate alarmists.

But their models were wrong. None of the models predicted the current slow down in temperature gain. I repeat, none of them. In fact it was logically impossible for them to do so. They were built on the basis that human Co2 emissions drove the increase in temperature, so increasing emissions had to result in increasing temperatures. If they did not, then there was no point targeting human CO2 emissions.

But the models did get better over time. Each model was accurate until the time of release. Then reality diverged from its predictions. But the next model would accurately model temperature since the release of the last model until its own release date. What an improvement. Not at predicting the future, but of mimicking the past. On such things billions of your tax dollars were spent.

We know the world was hotter in the past. We know the levels of CO2 were higher in the past. The earth did not continue heating up into a fiery ball. Why not? Either natural planetary processes reversed the heating effect or some celestial effect did. Neither are allowed under the alarmists models.

The willingness to believe and evangelize the output of models shows just how badly the Left have damaged Western Civilization. Economics which has difficulty predicting the economy 6 months ahead was used to analyse the economy 100 years in the future. It was like asking people in Victorian England to discuss the economy today. Forget about the first and second world wars, the collapse of the British Empire, widespread use of cars, planes, computers….etc. Not a very meaningful discussion. But Lord Stern was listened to, not laughed out of court as some one who had either lost his senses or sold his soul. He was espousing the party line. Enlightenment and the scientific method be damned, nothing can stand in the way of the “progressive” left agenda.

As a result of laughable predictions Australia spent billions on desalination plants rather than dams. Its citizens will be the poorer for it. Those of the UK already are. Energy poverty is already a serious problem. Energy poverty! not as a result of peak oil, but of peak policy foolishness. At least I hope it has peaked. The Left finally seem to have lost control of the debate. It’s a case of “who are you going to believe, the Greenies or your lying thermometer?” Not to mention the increasing number of people dying from the cold.

Money is real. Debts are real. Trips into fantasy land have consequences. Reality always wins in the end. The Lefts perversion of history, facts and how to arrive at truth will be the death of us. It must not just be stopped, but rolled back.