Assange a global conspiracy
Assange a global conspiracy

Is Assange being persecuted because he crossed the corporate line:

Wikileaks Bank of America

The US and others have spent trillions bailing out the financial vested interests. I doubt that Mr Assange will be allowed to undo their work.

It’s no surprise he is facing trumped up charges – they retrospectively withdrew consent when they found out he slept with someone else. It is a surprise just how weak they are.

No doubt once in Sweden he will no doubt be extradited to the US to face prosecution there.

Fair enough that the soldier who leaked the info gets prosecuted, but not everyone in foreign lands who pass it on. That’s the making of a global tyranny, something we should all be against.


The Sydney Morning Herald spells out the Wikileaks charges:

There are four charges, including “ofredande”, which is a peculiar Swedish charge of annoyance. The first charge is that A used his inconsiderable body weight to lie on one of the v’s. He also “assaulted her sexual integrity” by having consensual sex but without a condom. A is further charged with pushing his morning glory into her back after they spent the night together. The final charge is having sex with a sleeping woman.

Both women apparently boasted of their respective celebrity conquests on the internet via mobile phones after the events and said that they would bring big A to his knees. Ardin hosted a celebrity party after the intimacy and tweeted that she was “with the world’s coolest, smartest people, it’s amazing”. She has written a guide on how to get revenge on cheating boyfriends. They sought maximum exposure of their allegations in the Swedish newspaper, Expressen. They have WikiLeaked all over A. Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Personally I have no real feeling for Assange. He may be a nice guy or a foul fiend. My interest is in the manifestation of a tyrannical temperament amongst Western governments. This includes the apparent willingness of the Australian Gillard government to destroy our ability to know what is happening in the world. First it wanted to censor the internet. Now it wants to be able to lock people up for disseminating other countries secrets.

Last time I checked Australia was still meant to be a developed Western liberal democracy. Not some despotic tyrannical regime. The left have not yet managed to wipe out our cultural inheritance, although not for want of trying.

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