Deliberately breaking babies bones
Deliberately breaking babies bones

Doctors are deliberately breaking babies bones rather than scheduling caesarians for at risk mothers:

“We push down on the clavicle with our thumb and finger”

Breaking bones causes pain. Babies feel it:

The baby will not move the painful, injured arm. Instead, the baby will hold it still against the side of the body. Lifting the baby…


OK. Sometimes even with the best system in the world it will be necessary to on occasion break bones to save the baby from worse harm. But I don’t think we are talking about that. I think we are talking about the lefty abhorrence of the modern West and in particular of its increadibly safe mode of birth. The sisterhood advocate against caesarians. And boy, do some of them hate caesarians:

Social workers have placed the five-year-old daughter of a professional couple on the child protection register for “emotional abuse” after the mother told the girl she was delivered by caesarean.

Rather puts this into perspective

Dr Pecoraro said despite the risks it was better to let an obese woman try and labour naturally rather than carrying out an elective caesarean.

I wonder what he means by “better”? It’s certainly cheaper. The kids are too young to complain, so who cares?

How many kids are we talking about?

Doctors in Queensland say the shock procedure is carried out on up to 1000 infants across the state.

Brisbane obstetrician Dr Gino Pecoraro, president of the Australian Medical Association Queensland, said an increasing number of cases meant junior doctors now took part in regular mock-up trials.


Queensland is the State health system that unleashed Dr Death onto the people. Your tax dollars at work, and he probably would still be at work if he had limited himself to breaking babies bones.

Thus progresses the slippery slope of a State medical system. Obama and the Democrats will have the blood of dead American babies on their hands. Mark my words. It is not only the grandma who has to worry, it’s the grandkids. All are costs to the government when it is paying for their “care”.

As Krugman would say, bring on the “death panels”. As long as you are dying from bureaucratic forces its OK. Just don’t let those market forces save you. Yep, that’s a poke at the Canadian system.

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