Bar-codes attached to embryos
Bar-codes attached to embryos

Scientists attach barcodes to mouse embryos, human ones coming soon

Scientists from Spain’s Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), along with colleagues from the Spanish National Research Council, have successfully developed an identification system in which mouse embryos and oocytes (egg cells) are physically tagged with microscopic silicon bar code labels. They expect to try it out on human embryos and oocytes soon.

Hat tip Kurzweil

No doubt homeland security will appreciate the possibilities. It could make the job of the TSA much easier. Bet someone is looking at ways to apply this retrospectively.

Spain of course is a pioneer in social as well as clinical matters:

The parliament’s environmental committee approved a resolution that commits the country to the Declaration on Great Apes, which states that nonhuman apes are entitled to the rights of life, liberty, and protection from torture.

Got to love those progressives, end the differential between man and beast, bar-code embryos. That’ll end well.

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