Neo-cons are progressive lefties
Neo-cons are progressive lefties

The neo-cons were old style Democrats who fled their party and joined the Republicans. They believe in the power of Government to transform society for the better. Hence they could almost instantly create a Western style Democracy in Iraq.

Don’t get me wrong. It would be great for a Liberal Western style democracy to come into being in a Muslim majority country in the heart of the Middle East (I’ve got my fingers crossed for Iran). There is even a chance such an example would act as a catalyst for improvement in other regional countries. This in turn might reduce the magnitude of the Islamist hate directed toward the West. The consequences of current trends continuing are dreadful.

But good intentions do not a realistic solution make. A Western Style Liberal Democracy is incompatible with a tribal society. Think about the need to distribute spoils to your tribal supporters. This incompatibility is one reason why the retribalisation of Europe is so sad.

However, if the US wants to remove a despotic tyrant like Saddam, good luck to them. But their expectations of the aftermath should be embedded in reality, not fantasy. What the West has created is precious and worth protecting. Nothing in any country in the tens of thousands of years of human existence before the last century even comes close. We live better and longer than the Kings of old.

The lefts jettisoning of what we have in a utopian attempt to perfect humanity or society is akin to the Neo-cons attempted radical transformation of Iraq. It never results in what was intended.