Mainstream Extremists
Mainstream Extremists

With mainstream media desperately trying to paint the majority of US citizens as extremists, its worth reminiscing over an Australian precedent. In 2004 the Australian Government got almost 53% of the vote and for the first time in a generation secures a majority in both houses of parliament. What does this say of those who voted for them?

“Persons of such views tend to live in a remote world of fantasy, inflaming themselves by their rhetoric into more and more unreal passions, usually engaging in serious dialogue only with people of like persuasion”.

Don’t you just love the left? Justice Kirby, elected by no one, sits in judgement of the Government and the people of Australia and finds them wanting. So what do you do? Why you just change the people.

“Those who want more dramatic change, as distinct from constant adjustment, need to look for another country.”

Life is so simple when you are a High Court Judge. You support industrial relations reform, well that make you an industrial ayatollah. And

There is no room in this nation for industrial ayatollahs

So get out – only bleeding heart lefty scum bags allowed. Also note his pandering to our prejudice against people of another faith. Christian brothers, priests, fathers…etc have played a significant role in Australia’s history and culture. Yet he does not use “Industrial Fathers”, “Industrial Brothers”. No, he plumps for “Industrial Ayatollahs”. As far as I am aware no Ayatollah has ever stepped foot in Australia. But Ayatollah it is. He couldn’t possibly be engaging in rhetoric? Only persons with “those” views would do such a thing.

Were a conservative to have engaged in such rhetoric he would have been hounded as a racist, not sycophantically reported on. But a judge in the High Court suggesting the expulsion of citizens who don’t see the world through a left wing prism, that’s just dandy. The left are always only one step away from the gulag or re-education facility. At the least espousing such sentiments brings the court into disrepute.

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