Climate model junk
Climate model junk

Mulch posted this comment on the failing of financial models:

“Junk in junk out. Models are only as good as their inputs… Models are mechanical – they do what they do and nothing more. If they work correctly then it’s the assumptions and inputs at the beginning that create the junk at the end. The mathematics only operates on the junk to give you more junk – but with a mathematical veneer.”

As applicable to climate models, thanks to which we get:

“Residents are losing at least $1 million a week operating desalination and water recycling plants in Queensland’s flooded southeast”

Australians must gird themselves for large increases in their water bills. The number of sanctimonious greenies who told me climate change would reduce the amount of rain. Such certainty, such stupidity, even amongst the well credentialed.

What next? Power, Insulation. Basically anything the greenies get their hands on. They are in partnership with the Australian Government. It’s enough to make you sick.