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Law Enforcers, Not Peace Keepers

Having the police force change from being primarily about law enforcement to peace keepers is one of the ways the left are undermining our society. It is a step along the path to tyranny. Making “keeping the peace” the focus of the police means they inevitably target those who may cause a breach of the peace.  It makes someone who might defend themselves, their property or their culture a criminal worthy of arrest.

Exercising an ancient right; a right our forebears fought and died for becomes illegal. Not as a result of our elected representatives passing new laws, but at the whim of those formerly charged with protecting them. Make no mistake about this. If you are unwilling to kowtow before the diktat of the politically correct and insist on publicly exercising your rights, they can arrest you or take your children away. Servants of the socialist state will decide who threatens a breach of the peace and who does not.

Thus a mob calling for the beheading of all unbelievers is not threatening the peace. A mob calling for your country to be dissolved into a global caliphate is not threatening the peace. A mob calling for your daughters and grand daughters to be made to wear the veil is not threatening the peace. A mob calling for the killing of homosexuals and heterosexuals who have sex outside marriage is not threatening the peace.  But someone publicly objecting to any of the above is totally beyond the pale, is a threat to the peace and must be arrested. Indeed, they must be a racist.

The left’s support for Islamists threatening you, your country and your culture is perhaps the most egregious example. But the potential abuse is almost unlimited. If Christians can be arrested for preaching, then who is safe? Not their atheistic opposite, unless they are behaving in an approved manner.

Once the police protected the vast bulk of decent hard working citizens from those who would take their property or do them harm. The police existed to protect people and their property from domestic threats. Similarly the armed forces existed to protect the people and their property from foreign threats. The State existed to protect you and your property, in return for which you paid your taxes. Ideally the State enabled you to pass on your property and culture along with your genes to your children.

As it was once, so it must be again. End the undermining of our way of life by the left. Public health campaigns, be they against speeding or drink driving are part of this. The vast bulk of citizens were once relieved when they saw a policeman. It was reassuring. But now they are used to having to look at their speedometer in case they are gong too fast. Perhaps they have committed some other traffic violation? The net effect over years is to alienate the law abiding class from the police. It turns those the police need to function effectively against them. Prohibition of victimless crimes produces more than the obvious victims.

Referring to the UK police as the paramilitary wing of the Guardian might be amusing, but it encapsulates an underlying truth. A truth that is as applicable in the USA, Australia, Canada and NZ as the UK. The consequences of introducing subjectivity into what is acceptable behaviour is to destroy an underpinning of our civilisation.

I don’t know what they have against juice.

Bernie Marcus speaks sense

Marc Faber continues to hit the nail on the head. This time citing from a CNBC interviewe with 81-year-old Bernie Marcus, one of the founding partners of Home Depot:

“None of the small businessmen he talked to had any plans to hire staff, because they felt there was far too much uncertainty about what kinds of regulations and laws Congress and the administration would come up with next. All his business friends and customers had told him that Obamacare would be a complete disaster for them. (It imposes on small businesses enormous non-medical tax compliance. It will require them to mail IRS 1099 tax forms to every vendor from whom they make purchases of more than US$600 in a year, with duplicate forms going to the IRS. Obamacare will also fund 16,000 new IRS agents…)

Marcus was also very critical of the various financial bailouts (unlike the self-serving and hypocritical Charles Munger). But one point he made was particularly interesting. He said that the business people he talked to had access to credit; that banks were willing to lend them money! But they had no interest in borrowing funds given the current regulatory uncertainties.

The latter comment accords with the views of a couple of the better economists I’ve recently had the pleasure of talking to. Economists with classical or Austrian leanings seem to be the only ones living in the real world.

TARP damaging trust

More evidence of the destruction the cultural intangibles that made the US wealthy:

“When Treasury refuses for more than a year to require TARP recipients to account for the use of TARP funds, or claims that Capital Purchase Program participants were “healthy, viable” institutions knowing full well that some are not, or when it provides hundreds of billions of dollars in TARP assistance to institutions, and then relies on those same institutions to self-report any violations of their obligations to TARP, it damages the public’s trust to a degree that is difficult to repair.”

Extract from TARP’s special inspector general, Neil Barofsky cited in the Washington Examiner.